Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 6, 2012

Obama ready for four more years, Michelle is too (really?)

Asked about the recent flurry over Jodi Kantor’s book “The Obamas” where first lady Michelle Obama comes off as the “angry black woman” who didn’t want to come to Washington in the first place, Pres. Barack Obama told NBC (reported by the AP) that he was not happy that Michelle had been dragged into the “political realm”:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says one of the toughest parts about being president is that his wife has been dragged into the “political realm.”

Obama was responding to a question about how he felt when Michelle Obama said she has been inaccurately portrayed as an “angry black woman.” While the president did not address that comment specifically, he says his wife is as good a first lady as anyone could imagine, and says he believes Americans have a positive impression of her.

Obama also says the first lady is ready for another four years in the White House, despite her initial reservations about coming to Washington.

If you read Kantor’s book, there is no mistaking that the First Lady has chosen to be in the political realm.  And, Kantor makes it abundantly clear that the Obama’s are not above using their lovely children and their seemingly squeaky clean image as the quintessential American family to attempt to gain another four years in the White House.

Did you happen to catch the story in which Michelle muses about Malia dating?

First daughter’s first date!

I’m wondering does it not occur to these oh-so-modern parents that there is no way that Malia will be dating while they are in the White House?   Imagine the poor girl surrounded by Secret Service agents having any chance of a normal dating situation until 2017 if Obama is re-elected for four more years.  LOL! never mind Malia, imagine the poor boy whose whole family would likely have to undergo a background check!

Here is what Michelle said in an interview with Rachel Ray recently:

Michelle Obama is out promoting her Let’s Move campaign, and it seems that with every media appearance she reveals yet another charming detail about the First Family. Today Rachael Ray asked her about whether Malia is dating yet.


…when Ray asked her who would be harder on any potential dates Malia did bring home, Michelle was all too happy to reveal, with a bit of a laugh, that Barack is kind of already losing it:

Barack pretends like he’s going to handle this so well when it happens … but it’s going to be fun to watch. It’s already fun to see him squirming when she puts on a dress and she’s got her hair down, and he’s trying to pretend like it’s cool, but he’s freaking out a little bit.

Isn’t that sweet, the President is “freaking out” just like normal American dads.



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