Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 5, 2012

Columnist Blair Lee declares Del. Neil Parrott “person of the year”

According to Lee, the distinction goes to Parrott for single-handedly returning (at least some) power to the people in our one-party state with his innovative strategy on the “Dream Act” petition drive.  Citizens now have renewed hope that the referendum process will be one way to check the power of  politicians like Martin O’Malley from time to time.  Hat tip:  Brad

From The on Friday:

Person of the Year

Neil Parrott: Freshman delegate from Western Maryland single-handedly restored Maryland’s voter referendum right. Maryland’s Constitution allows voters to petition General Assembly bills to the next election’s ballot for voter ratification or rejection — a final check on the legislature and governor.

But Maryland’s Court of Appeals gutted the referendum by ruling that petition signatures must conform, exactly, to the way voters signed their voter registration cards years earlier. No petition drive has been successful in the past 20 years.

So Del. Parrott, a civil engineer, set up a website with software that connects voters with their registration cards, allowing their signatures to meet the court’s conformity standard.

Thanks to Parrott’s innovation, the 2011 Dream Act (in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens) met the signature test and will be on November’s ballot.

But The Dream Act isn’t the issue. The one-party state legislature had no interest, whatsoever, in restoring the people’s right to have final say over its legislative acts. But Neil Parrott and the Internet put the people back in charge of the government and, for that, he deserves every Marylander’s gratitude.



  1. Amen…………

  2. I agree with Mr. Lee that Delegate Parrott should, indeed, be recognized as “person of the year,” for the citizens of Maryland. However, I would be very guarded in making statements like, “…put the people back in charge of the government…”
    Governor O’Malley and the one-party legislature do not seem to care a flying rat’s butt about what the people think or care about, witness the redistricting map, plan Maryland, the alcohol tax, the “maybe” gas tax, flush tax, tax, tax, tax.

    Delegate Parrott did, at least, give “we the People” a chance to get involved and make our voices heard, and for that, deserves Person of the Year. But, this battle isn’t over yet. There are forces out there working very hard to see to it that the referendum fails. This is not the time to rest on our laurals.

    Now, back to Mr. Lee’s point, Yes, Neil Parrott devised a method to give we, the frustrated; we, the ticked off; we, the hopeless, an opportunity to get off our duffs and do something, and we did. We made a statement, and I would like to personally thank Delegate Parrott for that opportunity.

    Should Delegate Parrott be “Person of the Year?”

    Hell yea!

  3. […] Neil Parrott (called ‘person of the year’ by columnist Blair Lee) is among members of the Maryland General Assembly proposing new measures to […]

  4. Del Neil Parrott is a true Patriot. He was the first Maryland lawmaker to stand up and fight for the Citizens. We the People had this ridiculous bill shoved right down our throats. It was done the usual way….with CASA de Maryland’s overbearing presence and pressure on the Legislature. (to be fair, there were other groups involved, such as many churches) I was there to testify against this “Dream Act.” As usual, when CASA de Maryland is involved in these precedings- the place is a total zoo. Hundreds of illegal immigrant “kids” were bused into Annapolis and got into the legislature with questionable ID…Standing room only. I am crippled, and an able bodied man from the other side (either CASA, ACLU or one of the FAR LEFT advocacy groups) was fighting me for my seat. (again I have a witness) He said “he was there first” and I told him that “I had my coat on the chair and just went to the ladies room (I had cane in hand and could hardly walk) and that he had better move out of my way, or else. “This is how we are treated in the General Assembly when we go to speak out and testify for our fellow citizens who cannot get to Annapolis! There were many fine representatives there that day speaking against the bill (dont’ remember the names) and one spoke about the Constitituion. Well -you would have thought that he said a profane word. Right after this fine Senator spoke (I’d have to look up his name) against this bill ,Senator Joan Carter Conway ACTUALLY said “I ddooohhhn whaanna heahhh nutin baughht da conssssituuuuhhhssssshuuuhn!!” I heard this with my own ears.SHE SAID IT EXACTLY WITH THAT I am NOT kidding! Again there were witnesses. We all CRINGED. She sounded like an illiterate. Right before she said this some of my fellow Patriot’s handed out pocket Constitutions, and I am guessing this got under her skin.
    How very, very sad for us. Many of these representataives in the Legislature probably don’t even know what is in the US OR MARYLAND CONSTITUTION! There really should be a law that when they are sworn in that they read both documents and then are tested on them. Oh, that’s in Maryland they pretty much decide which laws to follow and which laws to I guess we’ll just nix that idea.

    Del Neil Parrott, his wife and assistant , Kari Snyer, did yeomans work to get this unconstitutional LAW- signed by O’Malley to the 2012 referrendum ! I was one of MANY, MANY people who went to his office and helped sort stacks of petitions and helped process them- in addition to getting signatures. I have never been so truly honored and blessed to meet such fine people as Del Parrott and the ordinary citizens who actually stood together as “WE THE PEOPLE.” CASA de Maryland types fear WE THE PEOPLE because WE ARE ONE POWERFUL FORCE! Thank GOD for people like Del Neil Parrott! This whole experience gave me HOPE that “WE THE PEOPLE” will get our poor battered country back.

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