Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 30, 2012

Libs plan to take down Tea Party-10

A Liberal Super PAC today named six of ten Members of Congress they plan to take down to defeat in 2012.  Some Democrat guy fittingly named “Mudcat” is the honcho in charge of the effort.

Here is the story at the Huffington Post (Hat tip Doug):

WASHINGTON — A liberal super PAC is set Monday to launch what it is billing as a multimillion dollar campaign to “Take Down the Tea Party Ten.”

The effort by the progressive outfit CREDO aims to use the new big-spending super PAC model, which can accept unlimited donations, to back extensive local organizing and “education” aimed at defeating 10 members of Congress seen by the left as the worst of the worst.

“We’re talking about some of the most odious members of Congress. Even for Republicans these guys are low,” said Campaign Manager Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold in a statement.

Western Maryland Republicans have had the pleasure of meeting two of the ten—both Allen West and Steve King were featured speakers in Carroll County and Washington County in the last year.  We love them!

The first six lawmakers targeted by the group are Reps. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), Steve King (R-Iowa), Allen West (R-Fla), Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), Frank Guinta (R-N.H.), and Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.). Four more will be chosen by CREDO’s members.

We also heard today that establishment Republicans in Florida are working to re-district Allen West out of his seat.

Let me just say, if the Republican Party doesn’t come to the defense of these Tea Party members of Congress, then it’s good-bye Republican Party!   And, if the ousted Tea Party members then become the leaders of a new political party we might be thanking ol’ “Mudcat.”


  1. If the GOP is successful in getting rid of Allen West then I am all in for starting the official TEA Party.

    • Right there with you Tonya!

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