Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 28, 2012

The poison in the veins of the Catholic Church was injected by atheist Saul Alinsky

Update January 30th:  Oh, the irony, now we have the Roman Catholic Church screaming bloody-murder over Obama when they have only a whole portion of the American church that brought him to power in the first place.  Frankly, I have no sympathy—you know what mama said:  “you make your bed (take the government’s money!), you sleep in it.”  Well, you know what I mean!


And, we are seeing its fruits right here in Maryland—-specifically on Tuesday, January 10, 1212 when the Diocese of Wilmington held a community organizing “training” session on the highly charged political issue of in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Maryland.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is using “training” techniques designed and perfected through the work of radical revolutionaries beginning with the father of “community organizing” himself, the atheist Saul Alinsky.

The phrase “community organizer” first came to the attention of the general public in 2008 when we were told that that is what Barack Obama was—first and foremost a community organizer.  Most of us said, Huh?   Sadly, we know so much more now.  [Is Alinsky hanging in the White House?]

Before I get to the classic political “training” session Catholics are receiving in Maryland, let me tell you about this presentation on Real Catholic TV (Catholic Investigative Agency) entitled, the CCHD and Saul Alinsky.  I knew a good bit of the information presented but never had clearly in my mind the time-line for the “injection of the poison” where the church became a conduit for the whole concept of the ‘redistribution of wealth’ and was set adrift from its stated goal of focusing on life and the evils of abortion.

The TV production is a little over an hour in length, but presenter Michael Voris shows us the time-line for the creation of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and its now notorious political work through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development which funds groups that promote abortion and gay marriage.   Its roots are traced back to Alinsky.

Voris tells us that the USCCB operates on a budget today of abut $140,000,000 and that it receives $50-60 million from you—the taxpayer.  They take your money to organize against you!

You really must watch the film. But, briefly we learn that Alinsky early on “married the church to the labor movement” in Chicago.   He organized first the Back of the Yards Council (1938) and then the Industrial Areas Foundation (the IAF) in 1941.  The IAF was founded as a “school for professional radicals.”   It went on to train such Leftwing luminaries as Heather Booth (Midwest Academy) and of course the now famous Barack Hussein Obama.    Today, Voris says, the IAF* gets as much as 16% of the CCHD’s pot of money.

Alinsky understood he had to work through a large network of people who would be soft on what came to be known as “social justice.”  He befriended a young priest in Chicago and through him a whole line of Catholic priests who met at Notre Dame over the next 14 years sending the “poison” throughout the church in the US.   In fact, remember when Obama spoke at Notre Dame and a controversy swirled about a pro-abortion President giving a commencement speech at a Catholic university?   Voris contends that Obama was giving his victory speech with his shout-out to the deceased cardinal who helped him come to power.

Again, watch the presentation at Real Catholic TV yourself, there is just too much for me to do it ‘justice’ here and I want to get on to how all this is now manifesting itself in Maryland.

“Community organizing” by the religious Left in Maryland

On January 10th, one of three political activist training sessions was held with the Rev. Chris Posch ‘officiating.’ Posch is the director of the Office of Hispanic Ministries at the Diocese of Wilmington.  You can see a photo of him, here, in a July 2011 newsletter of the Global Solidarity Project.

At the outset I want to do away with this notion that it is the humane and Christian thing to do—to defend the poor and struggling illegal immigrant—fine, but don’t dare foist your view on others.  I can respect that view as long as their “Christian” desire to be good people recognizes that the illegal alien has by definition broken the law!   If Catholics individually still wish to defend those illegal actions, that is fine, but those of us who do not condone law breaking should not be forced (shamed!) to pay the law breakers!

I would respect the Catholic Church leadership (and maybe even return to the church myself) if they said, we will give them charity through our own private money!   Don’t priests, such as the good Father Posch, see that it is STEALING  to take tax dollars from one group of people with modest incomes and redistribute it to another group, especially a group that is here illegally?

How about if the Catholic Church pays for the college educations of illegal aliens!

Here is an idea!  Right now the Catholic Church pays no taxes.  How about if the state of Maryland taxes them on their income and taxes their real estate.  Then that money (surely a substantial sum) could go into a special fund for all sorts of handouts to illegal aliens!

O.K. I digressed, back to the January 10th training session.  Mary Ellen Russell, Executive Director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, kicked off the session.  But, also speaking were Christopher Ross and Kathy Dempsey.  Looks like they brought almost the entire staff!

They proceeded to present a session on your basic Alinsky-style community organizing strategy that has been perfected now over decades (while the average conservative American went about our daily lives of work and family).   They want what they call “Parish Advocates” in every parish in Maryland for their ‘Justice for Maryland Immigrants’ campaign to defeat a referendum on the Dream Act should Joseph Sandler and the DNC fail to win in court and the Dream Act is on the ballot in the fall.

They even supplied a script political activists could use when calling the parish priest for permission to place important activist announcements in church bulletins.

The over 25 pages of materials handed out to meeting attendees is a treasure trove of information on the Catholic campaign to defeat Maryland taxpayers.   One document of interest to me is the one entitled, The Movements Dark Origins that could have been written by the hate mongers at the Southern Poverty Law Center but appears under the authorship of Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien.   It is an attack on the three major immigration control groups—Federation for American Immigration Reform, NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies.

This is incredible material, 25 plus pages, and too much to write about here.  If any reader would like the whole sheaf of documents, please let me know.  Write to and send me your mailing address and I’ll get it off to you as soon as possible.

So, the bottomline for me, is that if the Catholic Church wants to get involved in partisan political lobbying and campaigning, let’s start collecting tax dollars from them so they can help pay for their Leftist dreams.

Frankly, the political non-profit Left would wither and die if they had to pay, without taxpayer support,  for their own political campaigns.

*The Industrial Areas Foundation is operating in Maryland as I mentioned here back in March.  Action in Montgomery is an IAF affiliate.



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