Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 25, 2012

Thomas Perez pronounces East Haven police guilty before trial….

…..any remorse from Maryland Republican Anthony O’Donnell?

Update February 1:  Police chief quites, Mayor being pressured to resign too!

Power-grabbing Perez is at it again.  We reported several times in recent months that the Asst. US Attorney General for Civil Rights, Maryland’s gift to Obama and Holder, Thomas Perez, has let loose an attack on police departments from coast to coast.  (Washington state, Arizona, Alabama and now Connecticut).

Acting as judge and jury it looks like he has declared the East Haven policemen guilty before any trial has begun.  While the Republican mayor of East Haven says the officers are innocent until proven guilty, here.  What a novel idea!  (In just the few minutes I’ve been working on this, I see the Hartford-Courant has taken down the clip where the mayor defends the officers and replaced it with an attack on the mayor!  The reporters name is Perez—ed)

From the Connecticut Post:

BRIDGEPORT — The FBI arrested three East Haven police officers and the local police union president Tuesday on conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges, saying the men had engaged in a campaign of civil rights abuses against Latino residents.

The arrests come as part of a “long-term and ongoing” federal investigation into actions by members of the East Haven department against members of the Latino community, said U.S. Attorney David B. Fein.


Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general in charge of the Civil Rights Division, said Tuesday he looks forward to working with the police department to establish a system to prevent future abuses from occurring.

Perez helped lead a civil investigation that concluded in December and found a pattern of discrimination within the department.

Until I began reading J. Christian Adams book a few days ago (“Injustice, Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department”), I did not completely understand the significance of the Holder appointment or the efforts by Senators Jeff Sessions and Tom Coburn in the US Senate Judiciary Committee to hold up the Perez nomination in 2009.

According to Adams, who resigned from the Justice Department over the Department’s decision to dismiss the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, the Justice Department, with Holder and Perez at the helm, have launched a “racialist” agenda to show discrimination against anyone of color by whites, but never to undertake cases where whites are the victims.

In the minds of Holder and Perez, it is payback time.

So why, why, why did Tony O’Donnell help Perez get the appointment?  We have never been given any explanation or an apology.

In 2009, Maryland House Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell pronounced Perez “fair-minded,” in a letter he didn’t have to write,  undercutting the argument that Sessions was making that Perez was on a mission for the likes of CASA de Maryland and the ethnic grievance lobby and couldn’t thus be “fair” as the head of the Civil Rights Division.

Here is the letter O’Donnell sent to Chairman Patrick Leahy of the Judiciary Committee on April 23, 2009 where O’Donnell gets in line with Martin O’Malley, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen and other distinguished Democrats to sing Perez’s praises.

As Minority Leaderof the Maryland House of Delegates, I am pleased to support the nomination of Thomas Perez for the position of Assistant AttorneyGeneral for Civil Rights.In my dealings with Secretary Perez, I have always found him to be fair-minded and willing to listen to a variety of views on an issue.


It is my belief that the reason Tom works so hard to find comprehensive solutions to the everyday problems Americans face because he truly has their best interests at heart. He is a committed public servant. I am confident that Tom will lead the Division with commitment and integrity.  For those reasons, I support his nomination and strongly urge his confirmation.  [LOL! Commitment to what, that is the question–ed]

Is their relationship over legalizing gambling?  I really have no idea, just throwing an idea out there because O’Donnell has never explained what was so important to motivate him to undercut fellow Republicans in the US Senate.

One theory bouncing around is that Perez is a slots man and so is O’Donnell.

Have any of you been to the gambling casino at Charlestown, WV?  Just look around and you will see it isn’t the rich people playing the slots—it’s poor people and in Charlestown the Hispanics are in evidence as many of the laborers around the track there are poor and probably illegal.  So why is some bleeding heart like Perez supporting essentially taxing poor people—that is what government-endorsed gambling is after all, a tax.

Here is Perez supporting the Maryland racing industry and slots.  And, here he is getting blasted by fellow Democrats for supporting what everyone knows is a tax on the poor.

O’Donnell supported Perez’s findings here in the Baltimore Sun (August 2007):

Del. Anthony J. O’Donnell, the minority leader from Southern Maryland who was briefed by O’Malley on the report last night, said there is potential for common ground between Republicans and the governor on slots.

“I think there is a growing recognition that raising $1.5 billion in new taxes or cutting $1.5 billion of the state budget cannot be the solution by itself,” O’Donnell said. “The only other proposal on the table is slots. In very real terms, I think there is growing recognition that it has to happen.”

So, essentially taxing those who can least afford it was the joint Perez/O’Donnell solution?

Any other theories about how these two are linked?

Sort of related:  I see this week that tax guru Grover Norquist is pushing gambling in Texas.  Shouldn’t Grover be pushing the cut-the-budget side of the ledger rather than the increase-the-revenue side through gambling—through taking money from the poor?  And, didn’t Grover learn any lessons on the subject of gambling from his good buddy Jack Abramoff?

Follow the money folks, follow the money!  (and that means for ‘white hats’ like Perez too!)


  1. “I think there is a growing recognition that raising $1.5 billion in new taxes or cutting $1.5 billion of the state budget cannot be the solution by itself,” O’Donnell said.

    By coincidence, FAIR estimates that illegal aliens and their children cost Maryland taxpayers $1.4 billion just in public education, emergency health care and incarceration!


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