Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 23, 2012

Hagerstown: Illegal alien granny arrested by ICE

Update:  CASA de Maryland protests deportation plans, here.   Her son, who speaks no English is interviewed.  Just wondering if he is here illegally too—duh!

This story from the Hagerstown Herald Mail is from last week while I was away.  Hat tip: Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum.

We are told that the charming (see her photo) granny had been ordered deported earlier this month, but broke off an ankle bracelet that monitors her whereabouts.  She was subsequently caught for yet another traffic violation in Hagerstown.  (Don’t you think she would avoid getting behind a wheel for awhile!)

Here is the story:

A Hagerstown grandmother who allegedly entered the United States illegally is in the custody of federal agents awaiting deportation to Mexico, an official from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said Friday.

Josefina Rodriguez-Vega, 60, whose last known address was 1401 Haven Road in Hagerstown, will be deported after failing to adhere to an immigration judge’s order to leave the United States before Jan. 5, according to an ICE news release.

I was interested in several things we learned in the story.  First, I would like to know what sort of “commercial vehicle” she was driving without a license—what business let her drive without checking her legal status?  We are not told.

Then I am happy to hear that the Secure Communities program is working in Washington County!

Washington County Sheriff Douglas Mullendore said his office called ICE when Rodriguez-Vega was booked at the Washington County Detention Center on a driving violation.


It is county policy that anyone who is arrested is checked against the ICE database, Mullendore said. If someone is found to be in the United States illegally, the county notifies ICE, and ICE may then put a detainer on that person for deportation, as it did in this case, he said.

And the third thing that caught my interest was a local Catholic priest’s defense of her illegal status in the US (it is all fine if she plays with kids during mass) because the subject of a post I hope to get to this morning is how the Catholic Church in Maryland is working to promote illegal alien rights while they enjoy non-profit status and benefit greatly by taxpayer subsidies.

You can bet that Josefina Rodriguez-Vega will soon be the poster child in Maryland for all that is wrong with US deportation policy. (LOL! if she is to be anyone’s poster, they need to get a sweeter shot of her).


  1. This whole story is a plethora of…WHAT?
    The Hagerstown police chief stated that an electronic tag reader caught her driving without a license. Later in the story we learn that she was stopped by the MSP (Maryland State Police.) So, she got booked at the Washington County Sheriff’s Dept? By whom?

    Next, if Washington County is not participating in the 287g program, partnering Wash. Co. with ICE, How does Washington County have access to the ICE database?

    Next, Yet another example of the catholic church aiding and abetting illegal activity, harboring and helping illegal immigrants.

    This story is just too much fun.]

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