Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 22, 2012

WaPo: Time (past time?) to scrutinize Obama’s record

No kidding!  What a difference a debate can make (or more accurately one question in one debate).  Newt Gingrich’s Thursday night beat down of CNN’s John King may have been the wake up call for at least some in the media.  Here we have a Friday story in the Washington Post where the Post ombudsman says, ‘golly gee! maybe we didn’t vet Obama well enough prior to 2008.’   And, now we better do a better job scrutinizing his record in the White House.

The Washington Post:

When President Obama has a bad day, or more specifically, on days when the economic news has been bad, I get a slew of feedback from conservative readers that go like this:

“See, you liberal media nincompoops, this is all your fault, you treated Obama like a saint when he was running in 2007 and 2008 and you didn’t vet him, investigate him, report on him skeptically. You were so fawning (and adoring of his blackness), you missed that he was a (pick your adjective), radical, socialist, Muslim, inexperienced, dangerous, corrupt, weak Chicago politician with no track record of accomplishment, whose only talent is giving speeches.”

Those e-mails usually employ much harsher language, and some are filled with expletives.


Deborah Howell, Post ombudsman from 2005 through 2008, said at the end of her tenure that “some of the conservatives’ complaints about a liberal tilt [at The Post] are valid.”

I’m sure a driving force in this admission by the Post is their financial bottom-line.  Are they finally understanding why people aren’t buying the paper?

But I feel sure some of this soul-searching is also related to the Gingrich blast on Thursday night.  In just that one minute, Gingrich has managed to clarify where we are in America today.   He galvanized our anger and directed it back at the Leftwing media which abrogated its duty prior to the 2008 Presidential election by not vetting Obama and has since tried to cover for his failings.   Newt is the knight fighting the media for us (in addition to showing us how he will battle Obama if he wins the primary).

Indeed pundits suggest that the media (specifically CNN in this case) helped Gingrich win South Carolina.  Moreover, King effectively inoculated Gingrich against further attacks on his personal life.  I’m sure the WaPo grand poobahs are saying, ‘damn we don’t want to help some firebrand Republican win by helping to redirect fire to us!’

Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum has a good post today telling us more about what Newt has done for conservatives by giving us the bulldog we all crave.  But, there is a cautionary warning there too, so check out what Falknor says on the subject.

WaPo and others could start by reading!

Maybe some of the media elites should read a few books to figure out what they have been missing (things the reading public isn’t missing).

One advantage of being away from the computer for a few days is that  I had time to read.  I finished Jodi Kantor’s book “The Obama’s” and recommend that you all read it.  It is devastating.  One has a sense that Ms. Kantor was conflicted in writing the book—one minute it’s fluffy and the next it is frightening.  I’m sure you can guess what is going on in the Obama White House, but it’s quite another to have facts on a printed page.

LOL! Next time you hear Obama railing about the 1% with their private jets, consider that Kantor quotes a friend of the Obama’s saying that Obama only wants two things when he leaves the White House—his own plane and a valet.  It occurred to me it might be cheaper for the country in the long run to give him those two wishes now and bid him farewell.

I also almost finished reading J.Christian Adams book ( “Injustice: Exposing the racial agenda of the Obama Justice Department” ) about the Holder Justice Department and our dear Maryland zealot Thomas Perez.  If you needed any further proof that Obama must go, this book will seal the deal for you.

We’ve had it with the Obama mythology and the media that helped build the myth, time for the media to do its job.

Endnote:  By the way, while I was gone I had a lot of hits to a post about Gingrich taking on Shariah law, here.

Update:  See this great post by Edmund Wright at the American Thinker about how the “great unwashed” roared on Saturday in S.C.


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