Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 18, 2012

AFL-CIO gives me a phone call! Bartlett or Garagiola?

Last evening my home phone rang.  You should know that I check the caller ID and if it’s some sales call or reports ‘no number,’ I don’t pick it up.  But last night around supper time the caller ID reported that it was the AFL-CIO calling. Of course I answered eager to see what Trumka wanted with me (LOL! maybe he had heard about Code Stink).

Turns out it was a recorded opinion survey and almost the first question was:  would I vote for Congressman Roscoe Bartlett or State Senator Rob Garagiola for Congress in the 6th District?  (they did not mention the other candidates running in that primary)   Since they put that question right at the top, you can pretty well be assured this was a Garagiola/union poll because they wanted their primary concern asked first so they would have that information in case I got sick of answering and hung up.

I didn’t, and it got better and better. (I’m paraphrasing what they asked because unfortunately it was going too fast to write it all down.)  They wanted to know what I thought of the Tea Party (approve or disapprove).  They asked what I thought of Occupy Wall Street.   Was the economy improving or getting worse or about the same?  Did I think O’Malley was doing a good job?  Did I vote for Obama?  What color was I?  Did I think Obama was doing a good job?  Did I belong to a union?  What political party was I affiliated with, and so on.

When they say at the end who the pollster is all I got out of it was that it was some National Opinion Survey from the peoples republic of Takoma Park.  (No!  they didn’t say that ‘peoples republic’ part).

I had a lot of fun with it!

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