Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 16, 2012

Black columnist calls FLOTUS a harridan

Yikes! this guy, Mychal Massie, sure doesn’t pull any punches.  I knew a harridan was something no woman wants to be, but just in case I looked it up—it means she is a “shrew.”

Here is how he begins his World Net Daily piece, but you will have to go read the whole thing for his evidence about First Lady Michelle Obama.

The axiom, “Show me a man’s friends and I’ll show you the man,” is nowhere more evident than with Barack Obama. In my column “Michelle Obama’s inner demons,” I wrote “[Obama] claims two mentors and two people of greatest influence in his life – the race-baiting, hate-filled, Jeremiah Wright and his race-conscious, bitter wife.” Nothing more need be said of Wright, but not enough can be said about his wife.

Read it all.

I’m reminded that I wanted to tell you about the treatment author Jodi Kantor is getting in the media.   Remember she is the New York Times reporter who just this past week launched her book “The Obama’s.”    I’m nearly half way through it and I’m sad to report it isn’t the shocker I was hoping for.  But, then I’ve read a lot on this pair and it is not out of line with what I’ve learned previously, so maybe that is why it doesn’t surprise me.  In fact, “The Obama’s” can also at time be what I would call fluffy and certainly not worth the tongue-lashing Kantor is getting for writing it.

To watch poor Ms. Kantor being raked over the coals by Soledad O’Brien (a shrew in her own right) you would think that she (Kantor) had said what Mr. Massie is saying and called FLOTUS a bitter harridan.

You might also want to check out the Washington Post opinion piece that questions why Michelle is so unhappy with the Kantor book, here.   Writer Melinda Henneberger suggests that Michelle is making it worse by declaring (angrily!) ‘I’m not some angry black woman!



  1. Anyone who has to declare that they are not an angry black woman…most assuredly is. I’m just saying.

  2. […] out, Michelle Obama did some media rounds proclaiming, “I am not an angry black woman,” here.  And, those interviews were followed with scathing media attacks on the book’s […]

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