Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 14, 2012

The USA is cruel!

Yesterday I told you about the pro-illegal immigration/pro-open borders network called Fair Immigration Reform Movement that includes CASA de Maryland that is not to be confused with FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) which works to restrict immigration and close our borders.

You might check out FAIR from time to time and get on their mailing list.

Here is one piece posted by FAIR this week that I thought would interest you as much as it interests me.   Blogger Gregory Sokoloff relates this story about an illegal alien that Univision says we sent to his death:

It was a dramatic presentation at the top of the Wednesday night broadcast by Univision, the largest of our Spanish-speaking TV networks and a staunch defender of illegal immigrants. “Outraged by His Death,” read a banner headline splashed across the screen. Then, they dished out the victim’s legal guardian, a pudgy man probably in his 50s, who talked, teary-eyed, about “abuse” suffered by the young man. “He was sent to his death,” Reynaldo Cruz told Univision. “That’s inhuman.”

You need to go read the whole post, but the gist of the story is this:  illegal alien comes to US, gets job in construction, gets hurt and is paralyzed, Chicago hospital takes care of him for 4 months costing $700,000, then we send him to Mexican hospital where he dies a YEAR later, US is accused of killing him.

Sokoloff continues:

Those driving the “outrage” obviously believe that American society, because of its success and prosperity, owes a living, and apparently unlimited health care, to anyone whose native society cannot or will not provide for the basic needs of its citizens.

This philosophy is hardly new. Decades ago it was called Marxism-Leninism, later Communism. Now, in our age of political correctness, we call it “redistribution of wealth.”

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