Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 13, 2012

Maryland Senate leader: Gay marriage is an attack on the family

This is a shocker!   And, they are having ‘conniption fits’ over at Maryland Juice over the news.  I don’t have time to post on this (or explore what is going on), but go read the story at Maryland Juice, here.  You should occasionally visit the Juicer anyway, it’s important to know what the Leftwing blogosphere is saying.

We’ve heard so often about the much-ballyhooed Democrats’ discipline that it makes it fascinating to see a Democrat leader in Maryland buck O’Malley.

Just a reminder, we learned, here, back in December, that a national pro-gay marriage group said that Maryland activists had not done enough work to be ready to ‘win’ on this issue.  The national group said it would do more damage to their cause to lose in Maryland again.

Of course gay marriage can pass without Miller and then we expect to have fun with another petition to referendum drive.



  1. The Washington Blade article you linked to makes this important point:

    “Since 2004, opponents of same-sex marriage have succeeded in persuading voters in 29 states to approve ballot measures banning same-sex marriage in those states’ constitutions.”

    Delegate Parrott’s successful petition drive against in-state tuition for illegal aliens must be hanging like the Sword of Damocles over the proponents of homosexual marriage in Maryland.

    Imagine what nationwide ripple effect if in-state tuition for illegal aliens AND homosexual marriage were rejected by liberal Maryland in the same election!

    • Wouldn’t that be delicious—and would surely send O’Malley’s future political ambitions out the window!

  2. I think that of all the issues we face this session that “gay Marriage” will be the easiest to get a petition drive together to take it to referendum. I am reasonably sure that it would be defeated at the ballot box. What amazes me is why these people want to bring forth an issue that, even they, know they are going to lose.
    But, hey, bring it on!
    What they do not seem to understand is this: there are plenty of Maryland activists here, they’re just not on their side.

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