Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 7, 2012 asks Court to dismiss CASA de Maryland law suit

Here is the latest on the twists and turns in the Maryland Dream Act legal controversy.  Seems, with its lawyers at Judicial Watch, has gone on the offensive asking the court to dismiss the remaining portion of CASA’s suit against the Maryland State  Board of Elections (CASA had already withdrawn its primary argument,  here).

NumbersUSA reports on the story here: has asked a Maryland Circuit Court to dismiss a law suit that would deny Maryland voters an opportunity to consider tuition benefits for illegal alien students by referendum in the 2012 elections. argues that the illegal alien activist group Casa de Maryland and the other plaintiffs that filed are lawfully wrong and have not provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that they are entitled to relief from the court.’s legal brief states that “absent from [the plaintiff’s] motion are any affidavits or other admissible evidence demonstrating that there are ‘aggrieved’ persons registered Maryland voters entitled to relief.”

Go here for the full press release from Judicial Watch on Thursday.

If you were away for the holidays and missed reading PTPR there are two bits of news you should know about regarding CASA’s efforts to wrest money from middle class taxpayers to help pay for illegal aliens to attend college in Maryland.

First, CASA is hiring a fundraiser because they want to have $10 million in a war chest to defeat taxpayers in 2012, here.   Wouldn’t $10 million go a long way in a scholarship fund for these “poor” kids?

And, then second you should know that Catholic Church community organizers (the religious Left) are beginning to train activists to help take your tax dollars and redistribute them to the illegal alien kids, here.


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