Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 6, 2012

Sheriff Joe not leaving quietly, fighting back!

The Arizona Republic has just this morning editorialized about the Justice Department’s hunt for Arpaio’s hide.  Although they obviously don’t think that the popular sheriff is pure as the driven snow, they also want Thomas Perez to show what facts he has to prove his racial discrimination charges against Arpaio.

The Arizona Republic (where are the facts?):

….neither the Justice Department nor Napolitano addressed any issues directly related to Arpaio’s administration of the 287(g) agreement in the jails. If there is a problem with that program, what is it?

Napolitano’s decision, coupled with the Justice Department’s behavior since Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez released his 22-page complaint, is beginning to raise some concerns about just how strong the federal case against Arpaio really is.

On Wednesday, Arpaio’s lawyers responded to the Justice letter with a 37-page demand for details about the allegations cited by Perez.

The feds need to show what they have!

Obviously, Arpaio has no plans to quietly resign or to sign an oversight agreement that effectively would cede management of his office over to the feds.

A clearer understanding of the case against him might convince the sheriff otherwise. We all want to see it.

By the way, only one county in Maryland participates in the 287g program (Frederick County), a program which the Obama Administration has been trying to dismantle for the last three years.


  1. As much as the administration hates 287g, I think they are going after Sheriff Joe at this time to upset his efforts of looking into Obama’s eligibility.

    • That is probably it!

  2. Ann,
    You should, by now, know a little bit about how my crazy little brain works. I have an idea that I want to run by you and your followers. My plan is in the infantile stage at this point, but I just want to run it by you.

    What if we began a public campaign to get Washington County to participate in the 287g program?

    We could contact Sheriff Jenkins of Frederick County (who does participate in 287g) to explore any costs to we, the taxpayer.

    We could write letters to the County Commissioners promoting the idea.

    We could write letters to the editor to get public support for the idea and contact our local elected officials (Delegate Parrott and Senator Shank) to perhaps, nudge the project along.

    We could solicit the support of PTP, MDCAN, and the Hagerstown TEA party to join in to push the idea.

    We could research the results of other counties who participate in 287g for number crunching, for exa., Davidson County Tenn. claims to save $ 300,000 a week through the implementation of 287g, that sort of thing.

    What do you think? Worth a shot?

    • Greg, there are actually three programs that work in tandem in Frederick County—287g, e-verify and secure communities. After some pushing Washington Co. joined secure communities (but all counties around the country are getting in, except Mont. Co, MD and some others). Some of us have tried to get the County Commissioners to invite Sheriff Jenkins to make a presentation to the Commissioners in Wash. Co., but so far that hasn’t happened.

      Here is a post I wrote last spring about some of this:

      Our present sheriff tells us that he doesn’t have the bed space for 287g, but I think there are ways around that. It seems only a matter of time before Frederick’s illegal aliens who are already leaving the county looking for the softest touch counties they can find nearby.

      I’ll talk to you off-line about this!

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