Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 6, 2012

NY Times’ Brooks: Obama more liberal then I thought

Oh brother, here we go again—the supposed conservative sage at the New York Times (Mr. I-liked-the-crease-in-Obama’s pants) Brooks says again he had Obama all wrong.  What is it about these so-called smart guys in places like New York who can’t figure out what the Tea Party country class figured out three years ago?

With nothing more to go on then Obama’s voting record as the MOST liberal Senator in the US Senate at the time, Brooks should have been able to spot a good liar (even with those creases momentarily dazzling him).

From Politico:

Center-right New York Times columnist David Brooks opined a few months ago that President Obama, whom he once supported, was governing like a liberal.

Today, Brooks doubled down, telling Laura Ingraham this morning that Obama is not only governing that way, he is that way — or at least more that way than Brooks once thought.

“I still like him and admire him personally, but he’s certainly more liberal than I thought he was,” Brooks said.

“He’s more liberal than he thinks he is. He thinks he’s just slightly center-left, but when you get down to his instincts, they’re pretty left. And his problem is that he can’t really act on them, because it would be political disaster. And so that means, I think right now he’s doing very little, proposing very little.”

That’s all there is to the article, but go here where the comments are ever so juicy.


  1. A lot of those liberal conservatives — Brooks, Peggy Noonan, Christopher Buckley and others — were dazzled by the idea of a black president who bore some stylistic resemblance to them. If they had spent any time living or working among black people they would know that black people can be just as dumb, wrongheaded or deceptive as white people. They reminded me a bit of someone who is dazzled by a dog that does tricks — an attitude that is condescending at the least and possibly racist.

  2. Interestingly enough, I heard Brooks on the Laura Ingraham program. Here
    is my problem with that: He (Brooks) is the center-right writer for the NY Times?
    Really? A “center-right writer” who thinks Obama is just a little left of where he thought he was.

    A. A center-right person would have never supported Obama, in my opinion.
    B. Obama’s bubble is sooo left of plumb that it is in danger of falling out of the level (carpenters will understand that, lol.)
    C. It’s a typical trick- the leftist liberals refer to their position as central, then anyone who disagrees with them is a far right-wing nut, when, in reality, we hold the majority opinion.

  3. Ms. Warner, I have to take issue with one thing, a term, that you posted. The term is “liberal conservative.” There is no such thing, You are either one, or the other, you can’t be both, in my opinion.

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