Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 5, 2012

NumbersUSA’s latest grades for Presidential candidates

You can check out Numbers’ ranking of the Presidential candidates on the issue of immigration here.   The highest score (a ‘C’) goes to Romney.   Previously the best score went to Michele Bachmann, but of course she is gone from the field now.  Grades were apparently updated yesterday.

I don’t know what they are grading Romney on since he doesn’t have a record of votes, I suppose only on his campaign verbiage which as we all know is not reliable.   We also know that the Republican establishment (Bush, Rove, McCain) that supports Romney is pretty much pro-amnesty.



  1. Here is what I find interesting here. Why is numbers USA releasing a “report card” on immigration only? Where is the report card on constitutionality? Where is it on job creation? Where is it on defecit reduction? Where is it on balanced budget amendment? There are more of course, but could it be that the only report card out there is the one where even the media chosen republican candidate can only muster a “C?”

    I smell a rat!

    Or am I missing something here?

    • Greg, Numbers is a reputable immigration control group and that is really all they care about for the purposes of their organization. The sad reality is that our candidates (like major politicians on all sides) are too chicken to take on immigration in a serious way. And, you bring up a good point, there must be other groups watching on those other issues (or I hope they are!), I just am not aware of a scorecard on them.

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