Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 4, 2012

Salvadoran foreign minister on the way to the US to ask for extension of TPS

TPS is Temporary Protected Status and is perhaps the ultimate scam and backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens in the US.   Whenever you are tempted to say that “legal” immigration is a good thing, think about TPS. It is legal alright but truly a scandal.

I’ve told you about this on many occasions, but Salvadorans who got into the US illegally decades ago can continue to stay and work (and receive all the benefits of an American citizen short of voting) when TPS is extended for them every few years.

It works like this:  illegals (like all the Leftists, including Sandinistas, who got in here in the 1980’s with the help of the “sanctuary movement”) got lucky when either hurricanes or earthquakes hit El Salvador and the US government said, oh poor babies, we can’t send you back right now because it would be a hardship on El Salvador—you can just continue to stay!

Salvadorans make up perhaps the largest segment of the so-called “Hispanic” population in the Maryland/DC area.

I’ve been expecting this—the big political push for another extension (the present TPS expires in March for Salvadorans).

And, by the way, they now have the far Left government in El Salvador they have longed for, and as far as I know there are no natural disasters happening at the moment—-IT’S TIME TO SEND THEM HOME!

Here is the news today:

San Salvador, Jan 4 (Prensa Latina) Salvadorean Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez will travel on Friday to the United States to promote the extension of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to immigrants.

The TPS was adopted after the 2001 earthquakes and its validity expires on March 8 this year. It covers the stay in that country of some 215,000 Salvadoreans so far. 

[This 2001 TPS designation was not the first one!—please search PTPR for ‘Temporary Protected Status’ and ‘Sanctuary movement’ for the many posts I’ve written on this because I’m too tired to pull all the links tonight.—ed]

Martinez said the U.S. government could announce the extension between January 6 and 9.

We have always said that we have great and very positive expectations that the announcement is positive, but it corresponds to U.S. authorities to make that decision, said Martinez.

*Martinez met in Washington in November with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to request an extension of the TPS.

According to U.S. officials, some 2.5 million Salvadoreans live in the country, mostly undocumented, and Martinez said that the Foreign Ministry is ready to help their compatriots to register with the TPS.

So why do you think Martinez wants so many of his countrymen to stay in the US, besides the fact that this is part of the Marxist infiltration of the US?  Because El Salvador wants all the US dollars the illegal aliens send “home”!  And, remember that Montgomery County set up special banking arrangements with El Salvador—there are bucks to be made all around.

And, what do you think the chances are that Obama will deny this extension in the election year (or ever for that matter)—zilch, zero, nada!

*An afterthought this morning:  Martinez isn’t coming here to ask for an extension, surely the lobbying is done.  He is here for a photo-op in the next few days as the extension is approved by Obama.

Update January 5th (evening):  Oh goody! TPS was already extended for two more years for Nicaraguans and Hondurans but they need to get right in and do their paperwork, here.



  1. This is exactly the sort of thing that America has to guard against. It really irks me to read this kind of story. The reason that it irks me so much is that I really don’t know what to do about it. When we have people like Tom Brokaw, Koffi Annan (sp?,) Madeiline Albright (Sp?,) Colin Powell, Liv Ullman, and of all people, Ellie Wiesel deciding who gets a free ride into our country, it sickens me.

    But, there is a solution to every problem, even if we can’t immediately identify it. I’d be willing to bet that 99.9% of Americans don’t even know this crap is going on. That should be our first goal, awareness. Exposure!

    Lets put our thinking caps on and figure out a way to let mainstream America know whats going on. I have faith in America. I have no faith in the main- stream media. But, we have the internet; mdcan, the Forgotten men, Freedomworks, PTP, etc., we need to educate America. That is the only way that I can see that we can stop the crap.

    • Greg, I agree with you and continue to plug away at that goal both here at PTPR and at Refugee Resettlement Watch. But, it takes forever, and we don’t have forever. The Mainstream media has been so indoctrinated with the multicultural crap that they do not bring stories like this to the public in any big way. In order not to lose my mind, I write these blogs at least feeling like I am doing a little bit to get the word out. And, frankly its both major political parties that do this stuff—-Bush extended TPS last time, so for everyone getting excited to see Obama gone (yes, we gotta do that!), I don’t hold out much hope that any of the remaining candidates on our “team” have it in them to get immigration under control.

      I often wonder if there were some Romans back in the day who saw the end coming well in advance—what do you think?

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