Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 4, 2012

Georgia court to hear Obama eligibility case

Here is the news!  The National Patriot yesterday reported on the story from the Liberty Legal Foundation  (Hat tip: the ever-vigilant Cecil Calvert):

The liberty Legal Foundation has announced that the case pending in Georgia, challenging Obama’s eligibility, has been ACCEPTED.

This is great news considering Obama and his team of attorneys had been actively trying to have this case DENIED!!

The Georgia court in agreeing to hear the case could well be setting the stage for other states in which quite similar cases are pending. Arizona and Tennessee both have such cases waiting right now.

This case, in Georgia, deals specifically with the Natural Born Citizen issue.

In a previous article, we brought up the Minor vs Happersett case from 1875 in which the Supreme Court defined a NBC as one who has 2 parents which were citizens at the time of the subject’s birth. We also cited 3 other cases in which the Supreme Court, previous to the Minor case, said the same thing.

Since Obama’s father, at the time of Barack’s birth, was not a U.S. citizen, nor did he ever become one, according to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1875…Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

If not a NBC…then, according to the Constitution, Obama is ineligible to serve as President.

You can read the order itself, here.  The hearing on the case will come later this month—-January 26th.

Incidentally, Obama’s hot shot lawyer in Georgia is Michael Jablonski an expert on election law and a former debate coach to Jimmy Carter and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young.

Who knows where this will lead.  If Obama is driven from the Democrat ticket, they surely will beg Hillary to run and I think she would be harder to beat.   It’s a good thing I’m not a betting person anyway because I wouldn’t bet on anything in this crazy and critical political year.



  1. Now lets see if the news media bothers mentioning this!

    • Don’t hold your breath!

  2. Read the full Orders(3) issued by the judge here:

  3. The HI DoH now claims it has no records on Virginia Sunahara. “Baby Virginia” Sunahara was born Aug4, 1961 and died on Aug 5, 1961. A new lawsuit against the Hawaii Department of Health has been filed by Hawaii Attorney Gerald Kurashima on behalf of Duncan Sunahara, Virginia Sunahara’s brother. The case has been assigned to Judge Nishimura. Document experts see a possible correlation pattern between Obama’s forged BC and V Sunahara’s BC if used as a template.

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