Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 3, 2012

Catholics organizing to take your money, expand the political Left

Well, that is what it’s about!   The Maryland Catholic Conference is putting on workshops around the state this month in order to train political organizers to work against Maryland taxpayers and in support of giving your money to illegal alien students to go to college—that is it in a nutshell.

If these activist Catholics cared about real Christian charity and about the kids, they would be holding fundraisers to give the poor kids (legal and illegal kids) college scholarships instead of doing Alinsky-like training in the parishes to take more money from middle class taxpayers’ pockets.

In my previous post I gave you a calendar date for the next meeting of the Washington County Republican Club where a related topic, voter fraud, will be the topic of discussion.

But, I  digress, back to the political organizers in the Catholic Church, and more meetings to attend.  Below are the workshop dates in case you want to register and report back on the doings.

This is what reader Ed said when he sent this announcement which should give you pause as the Iowa Caucus kicks off in a few short hours—a reminder that as we cheer our favorite candidates, the Left is plugging away, day in and day out, at a strategic plan to change America.

“The GOP worries about electing a new leader. The Left is electing a New People.”

Here is the Catholic announcement—is your parish in on this too?

DREAM Act Diocesan Trainings

Keep their DREAM alive

Help make higher education affordable for all qualified Maryland students regardless of immigration status. Learn how you can activate and educate your parish or community to support their DREAM. They were brought here as youngsters and love America – their home. They are hardworking, file taxes and will not take any university spots away from other Maryland students – and they will pay the full Maryland in-state tuition rate.

The Maryland Catholic Conference will hold training sessions about Maryland’s DREAM Act in each of Maryland’s three dioceses in January 2012. The DREAM Act will be considered by Maryland voters during the 2012 elections. Join us to learn how you can activate and educate your parish or community to support the DREAM for students.

Register today to attend one of the following briefings and share this flyer with friends and parishioners.

Dates, Locations and Times

Saturday, Jan 7, 2012
St. Mark the Evangelist Church
7501 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012
Sts. Peter and Paul School
900 High Street, Easton
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Thursday, Jan 12, 2012
Cathedral of Mary Our Queen
5200 North Charles Street, Baltimore
7:00 – 9:00 pm

For more information:
Call: 410-269-1155/301-261-1979


  1. […] to train activists to help take your tax dollars and redistribute them to the illegal alien kids, here. Advertisement LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  2. These hypocrites nauseatingly use the pretext of “human rights,” and ” right for the poor,” to wage a battle for public sympathy through the use of guilt tactics on tax paying parishioner to further the church political power to have the citizens of Maryland pay for criminal, YES criminal, aliens to have the benefits of our country, a country they do not wish to become citizens AND/ OR cannot become citizens.

    These “children,” are here under the commission of a crime by their parents and them receiving any benefits is ill-gotten gains. No different than if I rob a 7-11, go to Vegas and win a million dollars, and claim I am entitled to keep the million dollars if i get caught in Maryland for robbing the 7-11 which I got the money to gamble with to start.. ILL GOTTEN GAINS, PERIOD.

    Sorry MCC but this is where we part our ways. Maybe I should give my Sunday donation to Plan ParentHood under the auspices that it be used in the abortion of an illegal alien. Think of all the tax money saved, because the Catholic Church ain’t educating these “children,” in their private elite elementary, high schools, or colleges or feeding them with the food stamps my income and house taxes pay for not to mention the FREE excellent health care through MChIPS and Esperanda, with no deductibles or co-pays that the rest of us have to pay .

    Excuse me now but I have to go to the bathroom and PUKE!!

  3. […] January 10th, one of three political activist training sessions was held with the Rev. Chris Posch ‘officiating.’ Posch is the director of the Office […]

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