Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 2, 2012

Trevor Loudon: Prepare yourselves for 2012

Some of you know Trevor Loudon, an investigative blogger from New Zealand, who loves America and knows that if the world loses America, we lose the world.  (Mr. Loudon attended the MD CAN “Turning the Tides” conference in Annapolis on October 29th, so I hope some of you were able to meet him.)

Just about everything we know about Obama’s roots in Communism (get used to using that word!) come from Loudon’s research in dusty libraries and obscure archives throughout the West.  He is not a man who sits in front of a computer screen all day and researches only what is available on the internet.  Loudon travels where he must to gather evidence.

He believes, as we see in his New Year message to readers in which he sums up our losses in 2011, that we are headed into a tough year—a defining year for Western Civilization.

Loudon begins with a 1919 poem by Rudyard Kipling (The Gods of the Copybook Headings) and then warns (emphasis mine):

Welcome to 2012… Buckle up because it will be one hell of a ride as Obama goes for broke and his mask comes off, displaying the full intent of his Marxist agenda. Interesting times indeed.

2011 was a year replete with Progressivism running wild in America and across the globe. A year that freedom slipped away and tyrants gathered collectively in gleeful anticipation of a coalescence of power, wealth and control. The year that many patriots woke up in America and realized they did not recognize their country any more.

And, here are just a few excerpts that I hope will encourage you to read Loudon’s entire treatise (and follow the links he provides):

*2011 was the year we lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and most of the Middle East. Between pulling out of Iraq prematurely, dancing round the fires of the Arab Spring in the Middle East and utilizing the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, we did a wondrous job of furthering a Caliphate as well as beginning what I believe could very well be World War III. And you can thank Barack Obama, George Soros, Samantha Power and Leon Panetta for all this chaos. They just brought the world closer to their heart’s desire.


*Obama will go down as the worst President in American history. He has wreaked more havoc and damage than any other President before and he’s not done yet. If he gets four more years, he will finish us off. And you can take that to the Shariah bank.


*This country was founded on Christian principles. I’m sorry if some don’t like that fact, but there it is.

That hasn’t stopped Liberals from trying to erase and rewrite history. They are all for removing all traces of Christianity from schools and public places. But they insist that Islam should be given free rein. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of this crap.


*And so the seeds of revolutionary chaos have been sown by the Progressives in America. Look for the spring and summer of 2012 to be entirely memorable as OWS, Communists, Progressives, etc. set the streets of America on fire in service to bringing America to her knees and stirring the populist pot to engender a deluded call for Obama to end our suffering. Top down, bottom up, inside out… Van Jones will play a pivotal role to be sure.


*As I have said many times before, do not fall for the siren call of Occupy Wall Street. It is a trap with no way out in the end. They will be used and then discarded once they have served their purpose. It is class warfare and a tactic that Sun Tsu would find admirable. Stay away from the protests and the riots. Revolution may come, but this is not the way to fight it. Study and remember how the American Revolution was fought. Don’t gather to be slaughtered as sheep in the pen.


*Prepare yourselves and your family.

Read it all.

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