Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 30, 2011

Looks like CASA de Maryland is preparing to lose referendum lawsuit altogether

How do we know?   According to Judicial Watch (reprinted at The Moral Liberal) they are hiring a fundraiser to help them raise $10 MILLION TO DEFEAT STRUGGLING MIDDLE CLASS MARYLAND TAXPAYERS at the ballot box in 2012.

Imagine how far $10 million would go in a special fund to educate those kids with private money raised by CASA!  I would have some respect for them if they ran that sort of a fundraising effort!   But, as we all know this is not about the kids.

Here is what Judicial Watch said yesterday:

An activist group working to protect a new Maryland law granting illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded tuition benefits has plans to launch a multi-million-dollar fundraising campaign to help defend the measure from a ballot-referendum challenge.

Known as the Maryland DREAM Act, the law was enacted by the state’s General Assembly in April and signed by Governor Martin O’Malley weeks later. Essentially, it creates a new taxpayer-subsidized benefit — the ability to pay reduced tuition rates at Maryland community colleges and public higher education institutions—for certain eligible illegal aliens.

A news report quotes the Department of Legislative Services, the research arm for the Maryland State Legislature, estimating that the DREAM Act could cost Maryland taxpayers $778,000 in fiscal year 2014 and up to $3.5 million in fiscal 2016 to subsidize the tuition rate undocumented students will receive.  [If they raise $10 million and manage it carefully, and continue to raise money couldn’t they simply take care of the illegal alien kids’ educations themselves?—ed]

To give voters a chance to eliminate this costly benefit for illegal aliens, a group ( led by Maryland Assembly Delegate Neil Parrott launched a highly successful petition campaign to put the issue to a vote. Almost twice the number of signatures (130,000) required for a referendum to appear on the November 2012 ballot were collected throughout the state.

CASA kicks-off ‘Educating Maryland [illegal alien] kids’ campaign!

Casa has seemed to concede that its political lawsuit to derail the ballot measure will fail. So the group is hiring a fundraising manager to lead a new $10 million campaign to “raise dollars from individuals, unions, and corporations” to “defend the Maryland DREAM Act.”  The job description states that the new law is being “challenged through a ballot referendum challenge in the November 2012 elections.” The campaign fundraising manager job is described as a temporary position for an initiative called “Educating Maryland Kids.”

Oh, and what have we here? —a  juicy little nugget about Holder’s henchman Thomas  Perez.  Hmmmm!   A little foreign money flowing in?  Did that Chavez money coincide with Perez’s time at CASA de Maryland?  Does anyone know?

Of interesting note is that the assistant attorney general picked by President Obama to head the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) bloated civil rights division, former Maryland Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, served as president of the board of Casa de Maryland.


A few years ago Casa de Maryland received a $1.5 million donation from Venezuela’s ardent anti-U.S. leader, socialist Hugo Chavez, who is a close ally of State Department terrorist nations like Iran, North Korea and Cuba. The Chavez-controlled Citgo Petroleum Corp. made the donation to support illegal aliens in the U.S. and the connection between the South American strongman and a top DOJ appointee is more than unsettling.

Read it all.

By the way, I wonder why Perez didn’t include his work for CASA de Maryland on his official US Justice Department bio, here?

Type ‘Thomas Perez’ into our search function to learn all about Maryland’s gift to the Obama Justice Department.

Update:  You might enjoy reading CASA’s Washington Post job description, here.



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