Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 28, 2011

Is Norquist involved with Iranian lobby in US? Does he know how women suffer under the regime?

The other day I suggested that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker might want to keep his distance from Grover Norquist (and his friend Dave Weigel), but now comes news that there is one more reason to be concerned and to stay away!

Manda Zand Ervin (Alliance of Iranian Women) published a piece earlier this week in which she links Norquist to lobbying groups supporting the Iranian regime.

Her Hudson Institute article begins:

The unelected regime that is currently controlling Iran has a reputation for spending Iranian national assets around the world to buy friends and good will — a necessary part of its plan to remain in power and continue its unappealing behavior, such as financing terrorism around the world and abrogating its commitment under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty by developing nuclear weapons.

An American Thinker expose recently stated that the Khomeinist regime has been assisted in perpetuating these activities thanks to the support of a Washington lobbyist, Grover Norquist, and his involvement with the American Conservative Defense Alliance (ACDA). ACDA has actively supported the Campaign for a New American Policy for Iran (CNAPI), which in turn is linked both to the Council for American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

A recent CBS “60 Minutes” program states that Grover Norquist is “the most powerful conservative man in Washington.” If that is true, his support for these groups is troubling. The Iranian American community widely believes NIAC – ACDA’s partner in many of its efforts — to be a Washington lobby group for the Khomeinist regime leadership. NIAC has long advocated unconditional negotiations with Tehran, and the total abandonment of all economic sanctions and military options against the Iranian regime.

Read it all and follow links.

For more on Norquist, see our ever-growing archive here.


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