Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 28, 2011

Do you all know about PolitiChicks?

I didn’t until yesterday when HuffPo and AOL had a headline story (this one) about Victoria Jackson, a former Saturday Night Live actress, talking about the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law threat to America.

Turns out that Victoria Jackson has joined forces with other actresses to create a web-based production that seeks to be the Conservative version of Barbara Walters’ “The View.”

The story yesterday begins this way (emphasis mine):

Former “Saturday Night Live” actress Victoria Jackson, working on confidential information she as a web talk show host has special clearance to obtain, has claimed that the United States is being overtaken by radical Muslims bent on bringing the nation under Sharia law.

“I just went to a briefing in Washington DC, across the street from the Capitol, at the Longworth building at 8:30 am two days ago and it changed my life,” Jackson said last week on her web show, “Politichicks.” “For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs for six hours and they proved to me… that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious.”

Jackson also detailed the meeting in an earlier blog post this December. In that post, she details testimony given by John Guandolo,* a former FBI agent who worked on the case against former Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson. Guandolo resigned from the FBI in 2008 after he was caught trying to score a $75,000 donation for an anti-terrorism group from a wealthy Jefferson case witness with whom he was having an affair. Guandolo now gives speeches on the existential threat of Islam, claiming that Muslim groups are using political correctness and political insurgency to stop FBI and police officers from stopping their spread of Sharia law.

*If you attended the MD CAN conference in Annapolis on October 29th, you will remember John Guandolo as one of the Sharia Law panelists.  (If you weren’t fortunate enough to be there, watch his presentation!)

Check out this interview from earlier this month with Jackson and Guandolo. (Funny how things happen—they just met in an airport.)  Jackson asked Guandolo the question that plagues me—what is the greater threat to America, the Muslim Brotherhood/Sharia or Communism/Socialism?  Watch the clip for Guandolo’s answer.

Then also you should watch this episode (Episode 11) of PolitiChicks where they take on the question—who is more racist, white people or black people?  Good stuff and let’s hope they are not driven from the airwaves for bucking the politically correct media watchdogs of the hard Left persuasion (the ones protecting the Muslim Brotherhood in the US).



  1. Thank you for posting this! I’m Ann-Marie, the “other” blonde PolitiChick. We’ve been amazed at the attention our recent Islam episode received the past few days but we’re not giving in and won’t be bullied into submission. God bless you guys in all you do!! Ann-Marie Murrell, PolitiChick

  2. I’m so glad to have discovered PolitiChick—please don’t give-in or give-up! We know about the bullying too! And, thanks for what you are doing—honestly on the Islamists, I think its American women in the end who will keep them from succeeding. We may be as Mark Steyn said “America Alone” but we won’t let them win.

  3. The entire episode was full of proof of what Victoria had seen and heard at the briefing, which I understand was not an unusual event to which “outsiders” were welcome, some by invitation, others who were frequent attenders. She mentioned that members of Congress were really aware of the briefings and should be interested enough to at least send an intern or staff member to take notes, but only 2 Congress persons were there. It is easier to ignore a threat than to fight it, or so it seems to me. I also thank the Potomac Tea Party Report for taking notice.

  4. I saw the interview with Michele Bachman on April 6, 2012 and was very
    pleased. I did not know about PolitiChicks. I wish you the best and thank you for being a conservative voice in the liberal media where truth is not their
    foundation and any way to hpye a story is.
    Take care and keep up the public voice of facts and conservatism.

    • Hello, and thank you for finding the PolitiChicks of interest. If you are referring to Ann-Marie Murrell’s interview with Michelle Bachman, that is our daughter. Ann-Marie has been a veritable bloodhound since she became one of the four who were sort of cobbled together through chance meetings with Victoria. Ann-Maria was able by one small miracle after another to go to the CPaC in Washington and managed interviews with several “bigs”. She even had a video interview with Andrew Breitbart only a day or two before his death.

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