Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 27, 2011

Jack Cashill once again explores the mysteries surrounding Obama’s birth and his first year in Seattle

A critical year in American history is about to begin and I can tell from my in-box that questions are building anew about who is this guy in the White House.   Jack Cashill, investigator and author, opened the discussion on Christmas Day at American Thinker by telling us that we know more about the historical Jesus’ birth then we do about Barack Hussein Obama’s.

The issue he raises is one that I find one of the most intriguing facts that has come to light since 2008 which dispels the mythical story Obama tells us in ‘Dreams from my father’ that Barack the Senior left baby Barack and Ann when Barack was two years oldThe narrative of a young marriage gone wrong when Senior goes off to Harvard simply isn’t true.

Eighteen-year-old Ann left first!  She left her parents, the Univ. of Hawaii where she was a student, and her ‘hubby?’ two weeks after Barack’s birth and headed off to the University of Washington with the baby.  She stayed there attending classes (there are records of that) until Barack the Senior was safely in Boston a year later, and only then did she resume her studies at the Univ. of Hawaii.

Here is Cashill:

We know where Jesus was born, to whom, and more or less when.  Were Jesus politically minded, it would not have been hard to establish his status as a citizen of Roman Judaea or to confirm it 2,000 years after his birth.  (To be sure, the “natural born” part might prove a little tricky.)

No such luck with our president, Barack Obama.  The most visible man in the world’s most transparent society remains as much an enigma as he was four years ago.  If the faithless in the media and academia investigate Jesus, only the faithful in those same quarters have been allowed to investigate Obama.  Were there an “Obama Seminar,” its members would be booted from every faculty lounge and newsroom in America, FOX News included.

In April 2011, Obama famously told us what we were allowed to know about his origins.  Said he, “Every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961, in Kapiolani Hospital.”

This, however, was inaccurate on two counts. For one, up until January 2009, the Obama-friendly websites, including Snopes and Obama’s own campaign website, had been listing Honolulu’s Queens Hospital as the site of his birth.  For another, the reporters who had been doing real research — including at least one from the Boston Globe and another from the New York Times — had failed to confirm any of the story.

No record of a marriage, Cashill continued:

Despite Obama’s birth just 50 years ago, in the most information rich place and time in world history, no one seems to know anything about his parents’ presumed marriage or the whereabouts of his mother in the six months prior to her son’s birth.  The two recent mainstream biographies of Obama’s parents — Janny Scott’s A Singular Woman and Sally Jacobs’ The Other Barack — tell us close to nothing.

 [I read ‘The Other Barack’ and recommend it highly, however the author isn’t able to reconcile the fact that there are no marriage records for Ann Dunham and Barack the Kenyan but there are divorce records.  Also, Ann enrolled at the Univ. of Washington as Mrs. Obama.—ed]

Although Scott, a New York Times reporter, spent more than two years researching her book, she can say only than that Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. “reportedly” wed on the island of Maui. “Reportedly” is not a comforting word from a definitive biographer.  Equally troubling, Scott fails to comment on Ann’s doings from the apocryphal wedding in February 1961 to Obama’s birth in August 1961. Not a single word.

This next part doesn’t surprise me because everyone close to Ann at that time is dead.  Barack Sr. is dead, Ann’s parents are dead, Ann is dead,  Ann’s second husband Lolo Soetoro is dead,  family friend Frank Marshall Davis is dead and if there are baby pictures, surely Obama has those under lock and key.

As to the birth, Scott provides no details other than those available on the disputed short form certification of live birth.  There are no baby pictures, no tales of worried grandparents, no accounts of frantic drives to Kapiolani Hospital or Queens or wherever. Jacobs of the Boston Globe likewise tells us nothing about Ann’s comings and goings for the six months prior to the birth or about the birth itself, the most historically critical period in Ann or Obama Sr.’s life.

There is one person alive who might be able to shed light on this period and that is Barack Senior’s college buddy Neil Abercrombie (the governor of Hawaii now).  He hung in Barack’s sphere, with Ann, at the U. of Hawaii and even visited the alcoholic and declining Barack Sr. in Kenya years after Barack was given the boot by Harvard and the INS!   Other then his little foray into the birth certificate issue awhile back, I don’t know if anyone in the media is hounding him for more details.

Cashill reports on the mystery of Ann’s flight from home and family with a newborn infant in tow:

It was in Seattle, however, in late August 1961, that we have the first confirmed sightings of young Barry Obama.  We also have ample evidence that Ann and the baby lived there for about a year while Obama Sr. remained in Hawaii during that same time.  He would leave for Harvard before Ann and the baby returned to Hawaii.

How many 18 year-olds in 1961 would go off to college far away with a newborn baby (she had to get baby sitters in order to attend classes) leave her dear new husband (records show they never lived together), her parents (who could have helped with the baby sitting), her college classes and presumably friends to spend one year at a college (LOL! with out-of- state tuition rates) she clearly had no intention of graduating from and then return to Hawaii only after Barack the Senior had gone East.

Records show Barack Sr. left Hawaii for Cambridge and Harvard in June 1962 and that Ann (and ten month old baby Barack) returned from her stint in Washington state that same month ultimately graduating from the U. of Hawaii.  There is no record of whether Ann and Barack ever even saw each other that June.

So shall we assume that Barack the President said they were together for two years just because he didn’t want to admit to having no biological father in his life, ever?  Or, is there the possibility that the Kenyan is not his father at all—that would surely be one explanation for all the 1961 subterfuge!  And, of course that would mean that the whole “Dreams from my father” biography would be a fake—yikes what a mess that would be!



  1. more cracks in humpty’s wall.

    great site !

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