Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 23, 2011

Judges: O’Malley Congressional district map is just hunky-dory

A three-judge panel has dismissed a case that challenged Governor O’Malley’s Congressional redistricting map—the one that creates districts looking like spider veins(!) and which puts large numbers of Montgomery County Democrats into the conservative 6th District.    All of us 6th District folks are going to have to work all the harder next year to be sure we won’t be governed by a Leftist elitist from MoCo.

Here is the short article this evening from the Baltimore Sun announcing the decision (hat tip: Jeff):

A three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court in Greenbelt on Friday threw out a lawsuit challenging Gov. Martin O’Malley’s congressional redistricting map, rejecting the charge that the new district lines discriminate against African-Americans.

The decision leaves in place a map that is believed to give the state’s dominant Democrats a good chance of picking up a seventh seat in Maryland’s eight-member House delegation. The Republican put at risk by the map is Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, whose Western Maryland district was redrawn to include a chunk of traditionally liberal Montgomery County.

Writing for the panel, Judge Paul V. Niemeyer granted the state’s motion for summary judgment and denied a request by nine black Marylanders that the court issue an injunction against the state’s use of the new map.

Niemeyer wrote that the plaintiffs failed to show that the state moved African-American voters from one district to another because they are black. The judge said that while they may have been moved for partisan purposes, that is not a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Unless the map is altered by a court in a further legal appeal, it will govern Maryland congressional elections for the next decade, starting with the April 3 primary.

But, there is something good about everything—many black voters in Maryland now know for sure that the Governor and white incumbent Dems  are not their friends.

Update!  Roscoe Bartlett responds in an e-mail to supporters:

“The judges’ opinion was based upon prior court decisions. It may be legal, but
that doesn’t mean that it’s right. Partisan gerrymandering hurts voters and
prevents representative democracy.”

He added, “Traditional boundaries were disregarded by the Democrats’
gerrymandered map. Communities were sliced and diced and African-Americans
and Hispanics, in particular, were distributed to dilute their influence and
maximize the odds for favored candidates while disenfranchising rural
Marylanders and Republicans. The result is that the intent of our nation’s
founders to protect and defend the right of minority view points to contribute
to government policies will be bull dozed.”




  1. Black voter’s in MOCO will vote over whelming Democratic in my opinion, it’s just a fact they vote democratic no matter what as a rule. It’s not being racist it’s just an observation over the last 62 years. God help us with ALL Dummycrats in power.

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