Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 23, 2011

CASA de Maryland mouthpiece picks Thomas Perez as Maryland ‘person of the year’…

…..and suggests he target Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County after he finishes with Arizona’s Sheriff Joe.

Kim Propeack, Political Action and Communications Director at CASA de Maryland, told Maryland Juice blogger David Moon that she recommends US Asst. Attorney General and Marylander Thomas Perez* for Maryland person of the year, here (emphasis mine):

Kim Propeack nominates DOJ Civil Rights Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez: “Yesterday, he announced the results of a groundbreaking investigation of madman sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now, we just need to bring this Takoma Park resident home to our nearby Frederick County where Arpaio mini-me Sheriff Jenkins’ practices have resulted in 50% of the County’s Latino population in two years fleeing in disgust. It is a privilege to have the nation’s top civil rights cop call Maryland his home!”

  [LOL!  If they are here legally they have no reason to flee!  Most Frederick County residents are cheering the Sheriff’s success—ed]

Probably most of you have been following Perez’s (and Eric Holder’s) attack on tough Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio where the sheriff has now been stripped of his previous legal arrangement with the federal government to detain illegal aliens and hold them for deportation.   According to the Arizona Daily Star, fifty federal agents will now descend on Maricopa County to replace ninety or so federally trained deputies.   Here is some of the latest news from the Arizona Daily Star.  (Update:  Arpaio doubts that 50 agents will show up as his deputies turn in their federal credentials, here.)

Sheriff Arpaio contends that the federal agents will simply release the prisoners.

Meanwhile Sheriff Babeu of nearby Pinal County contends that the timing of the Justice Department attack on Arpaio raises questions about whether it was set to divert media attention from Operation Fast and Furious and the anniversary of the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (who was murdered with a gun the Justice Dept.allowed to be made available to Mexican drug dealers).  See the Daily Caller here.

Saqib Ali picks Perez too!

It is also interesting to note that Islamist activist Saqib Ali also nominated Perez for the Juice’s person of the year, here.

Readers will recall that it was Ali demonstrating intolerance when he tried to silence voices he didn’t agree with by first attempting to stop a Republican Women’s club from inviting speakers with whom Ali disagreed, then he worked hard and failed to intimidate the DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis where the Maryland Conservative Action Network held a conference this past October where one educational session on Sharia Law was presented.   Learn about Ali’s connections here.  Ali’s choice of Perez is telling.

*For new readers, we have written many times about Thomas Perez, our extensive archive is here.



  1. So, where is it written that Casa de Maryland gets to define the mandate?
    They name Perez Maryland Man of the Year, big whoop! Yes, the liberal press will grab this and attempt to make Perez some kind of hero, or whatever. But the last time I checked, sheriff’s were elected to office by the people, not by Casa de Maryland. Sheriffs Jenkins and Arpaio were elected by the people that, apparently, feel that they are doing the right thing.
    So, Casa de Maryland, and Perez can go suck an egg.

  2. […] obviously don’t think that the popular sheriff is pure as the driven snow, they also want Thomas Perez to show what facts he has to prove his racial discrimination charges against […]

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