Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 22, 2011

Senator Coburn’s Wastebook: Paying for pancakes?

…..or, supporting Jihadists?

Yesterday we learned that US Senator Coburn has prepared for your holiday reading pleasure a book of sorts that is chock full of outrageous examples of how Congress and the President are spending your money.  Hat tip: Scott

Coburn asks in the introduction to Wastebook, here, the following:

Ask yourself as you review each of
the entries outlined in this report:

 Can we afford these things
when we are running annual
deficits exceeding $1 trillion?

 Do these initiatives match your
understanding of the role of the
federal government as outlined
by the Enumerated Powers of
the U.S. Constitution?

 Do these represent national
priorities or do they reflect the
wasteful spending habits
threatening to bankrupt the
future of the American Dream?

One wasteful project that jumped out at me was the subsidy to build an IHOP restaurant in a DC neighborhood (see page 7).

IHOP?  IHOP? Wasn’t IHOP in the news not too long ago where a franchise owner in Ohio (and Indiana too) was arrested for allegedly laundering money to terrorists—yes indeed.  Read all about it at Debbie Schlussel, here.   Now, I’m not jumping to conclusions that all IHOP franchises are all bad—heck, I like their pancakes—but it does make you wonder.

Oh, and changing the subject (a little) from terror funding through pancakes, I see that Senator Coburn is on Grover Norquist’s “naughty” list.  No surprise there.


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