Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 19, 2011

O’Malley signs Executive Order on PlanMaryland; citizens lose/UN wins

Update December 23rd:  Richard Falknor has more at Blue Ridge Forum, here.

It is official, today Governor Martin O’Malley accepted the plan drawn up by the Maryland Department of Planning which further erodes the authority of counties to make land use decisions, strips landowners of property rights, usurps the legislative powers of the General Assembly,  puts development decisions into the hands of a few cronies of the Governor and makes Maryland the darling of Agenda 21* advocates at the United Nations.    O’Malley to citizens of Maryland:  Bah humbug!  (holiday version of you know what!).

Here is what is reported at the PlanMaryland website today, hat tip: Kathy:

Governor Martin O’Malley on Dec. 19, 2011 accepted “PlanMaryland,” the State’s first long-range plan for sustainable growth, from Secretary Richard Eberhart Hall of the Maryland Department of Planning, achieving a vision first laid out by the General Assembly a half-century ago.

PlanMaryland is an executive policy plan that better coordinates the smart growth efforts and programs of state government. The Governor filed the Plan with the Secretary of State, as required by law. The Governor filed an Executive Order to provide an overview of implementation of the plan. State agencies will work to identify changes in strategy to achieve the goals of the plan, and to work with local governments on delineating areas for future growth and preservation.

Go here for the Executive Order and here for the plan itself.

And, here is the post I wrote last week about efforts by county government leaders and grassroots activists to make their case against the plan.

* Be sure to read this good article at the Heritage Foundation from earlier this month about Agenda 21 and efforts like those in Maryland to take away the property rights our founding fathers guaranteed us in the 5th Amendment.



  1. So depressing.

  2. […] the beat goes on at the United Nation (Agenda 21) and with Governor Martin O’Malley’s Plan Maryland — programs designed to take away your freedoms (your property rights, the basis of our […]

  3. […] but if this frightening strategy to destroy local government control of planning (can you say Agenda 21/PlanMaryland!) and education is just dawning on you, as it is me!, this is a wake-up call to start learning […]

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