Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 11, 2011

Iraqi refugee in Norway says US should expect more terror attacks, is arrested by progressives

We will control the world in 20 years says Islamic leader in Norway!

[Note to readers, this is cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch, my other blog, but I thought some of my Tea Party readers would be interested in this story from Norway especially in light of the recent controversy surrounding the MD CAN conference and Islamic supremacism/sharia law—ed]

And, they say Anders Breivik, who said that Muslim immigrants were a threat to Europe and his native Norway, is insane.  I wonder does Breivik have access to news in prison or his psych-ward?

From The Local (Norways News in English):

Norway’s Progress Party has called for the immediate arrest of Mullah Krekar after the firebrand jihadist spoke of the need for renewed terrorist attacks on the United States. 

[What!   I thought Obama’s election was going to bring a new day to our relationship with the Muslim world, and instead we learn they want to take us over! How could this be?—ed]

The Norway-based extremist made the comments in an interview with Finland’s MTV3. He also claimed that Islam “will control the entire world” within the next 20 years.

More than a decade on from the devastating terrorist attacks in the United States that left almost 3,000 people dead, Krekar said:

“They have learned nothing from the 9/11 attacks. That’s why they need two more attacks. It’s the only way the Americans will understand that we [Muslims] are people and not animals or slaves.”

Morten Ørsal Johansen, immigration policy spokesman for the populist Progress Party, said the remarks merited placing Krekar under arrest.

The Jihadist “refugee” has been in Norway for twenty years with no signs of assimilating, instead he founded an extremist group.   And, so much for that yearning for democracy!

Krekar, the co-founder of Islamist militant group Ansar al-Islam, moved to Norway as a refugee from northern Iraq in 1991.*

In the Finnish TV interview, he also spoke cryptically of how European-style democracy would never take root in the Middle East. Likening the export of Western democracy to a “plastic banana”, he said it would never work in the Arab world because, unlike the real thing, “you can’t eat it.

More attacks are inevitable, says the Iraqi refugee:

He also argued in the three-minute interview that further terrorist attacks were unavoidable, VG reports.

“It’s going to happen. It’s meant to happen. Jihad is meant to happen, I’m certain of it. Jihad is like a cat. If you lock up a cat it becomes dangerous,” said Krekar.

Here is a conundrum for the “progressives” ruling Norway:  will Krekar go to prison or the psych-ward for saying essentially the same thing as Breivik said?

* 1991 !  Weren’t those refugees from the First Gulf War supposed to be the good guys escaping Saddam Hussein….hmmmm!    We resettled 823 Iraqis in 1991 (annual report table 5).  Can we assume Norway got the only bad apple?  Surely he wasn’t radicalized in tolerant Norway!  For new readers, two Iraqi refugees were arrested on terror charges in Kentucky this year, and have caused Homeland Security to re-screen some vague number of recent Iraqi refugees here.

And, by the way we (the US) resettled 9,388 Iraqis in FY2011, 18,016 in 2010, 18,833 in 2009 and 13,823 in 2008 (stats here) for a grand total of 60,060 in four years, but surely they all are good guys hankering for democracy and a better life!  Right?



  1. So let’s see… 2 out of 60,060? Or .00005% of all resettled refugees?

    Among any population of humans that big, there will be dangerous people, criminals of some sort. It’s unfortunate, but it’s inevitable. But that doesn’t make Iraqis monsters as you choose to portray them.

    And how many of these Iraqis have had their lives saved by resettling in the US? That’s hard to determine, but a substantial percentage of them have.

    Also, shame on you for giving credence to the idea that the Tea Party is a xenophobic, racist movement.

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