Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 9, 2011

Voters fleeing both major parties…..

….but Dems fleeing at a higher rate, so says a report from a supposedly centrist think tank—Third Way.

From ABC News:

President Obama’s uphill battle to re-election is getting steeper.

A report released today by the centrist think-tank Third Way showed that more than 825,000 voters in eight key battleground states have fled the Democratic Party since Obama won election in 2008.

“The numbers show that Democrats’ path to victory just got harder,” said Lanae Erickson, the report’s co-author.

“We are seeing both an increase in independents and a decrease in Democrats and that means the coalition they have to assemble is going to rely even more on independents in 2012 than it did in 2008.”

Amid frustrating partisan gridlock and unprecedentedly low party-approval ratings, the number of voters registering under a major party is falling fast, but it is also falling disproportionately.

In eight states that will be must-wins in 2012 – Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania – Democrats lost 5.4 percent of their registered voters while Republicans lost 3.1 percent. The number of independent voters in those states jumped 3.4 percent.

People are frustrated and the way you tune out in American politics is that is you drop the label of the two parties,” said Steven Jarding, a Harvard public policy professor and Democratic campaign strategist. “The danger for Obama in this is he is not only going to have to capture them but capture more of them because there are less Democratic voters.”

Yup!  People are frustrated and I see it locally—people are dropping the ol’ party affiliation.



  1. I tend to believe that this article is correct. I joined the democratic party in 1972, in October of 2011 I changed my affiliation to non-affiliated. I could no longer stomache the democratic party, but,as much as I would like to vote in the republican primary [for Michelle Bachmann] I decided to be true to myself.
    I do not believe that either party has the American people at heart.

    I don’t agree with Romney on healthcare or global warming, i don’t agree with Perry on illegal immigrants getting in-state tuitions, and even though Newt Gingritch claims to be for our second ammendment rights, he voted for the Brady bill and the firearms act. The only person running that I am confortable with is Michelle Bachmann.

    I’ll just wait and see how it all plays out, but if you believe the article, there are a whole lot of me’s out there. We are fed-up.

    • Greg, any idea how many states let ‘independents’ vote in primaries? Seems like as time goes on the independents will be more and more subject to the hardcore party people’s choices.

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