Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 9, 2011

CASA de Maryland releases its 2011 Annual Report

That report appears to be for the calendar year 2010.

Skip through the pages where they tout their good works and have a look at Page 10 where they list their revenue for the year as $7,211,088.

The biggest percentage of their funding comes from “contracts” and those would most assuredly be government contracts ($2,360,589)

Then they list grants and contributions as $1,353,486.  They have conveniently lumped government grants in with “contributions” to make sure we don’t know how much of their funding is coming directly from the taxpayer.

Calling all accountants!  On this I need help!  What the heck is “Tax credit revenue” ($1,200,000)?  Does anyone know?  They are a non-profit group so they don’t pay taxes.  How do you get a tax credit when you don’t pay taxes?   LOL! or is it like those child tax credits illegal aliens are reaping—getting money back without putting any in!

Now go to page 11 and make a note of all the businesses, organizations, congregations and individuals who are supporting illegal aliens in Maryland.

Form 990

You might want to check out CASA’s most recent Form 990 here (revenue of $11 million).  For the tax year ending June 30, 2010.

On page 9 is where they have to spell out how much they got from governments (taxpayers)—just short of $5 million.  Unfortunately, they only need to put the lump sum and not tell us from which governments (local, state, federal) they got funding.

And, because the Form 990 is done on a fiscal year basis while the annual report appears to be on a calendar year basis, it’s very hard to compare the two.  But, it looks like their funding may have declined somewhat at the end of 2010—let’s hope it did!



  1. Is there a line item for ‘Stimulus’, along with ‘jobs saved or created on’?

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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