Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 8, 2011

Perez’s revenge on Alabama continues with letter to Alabama sheriffs

Perez:  Don’t you dare detain illegal immigrants!

Last week we reported (here) on Asst. Attorney General Thomas Perez visiting Birmingham on his hunt to find any racism, under any rock, in Alabama whose US Senator, Jeff Sessions, attempted to hold up his nomination to the Justice Department.  It’s purely speculation on my part, but I see some political payback in Perez’s zeal to find something (anything!) to nail those Alabamans.

Here is a report on his latest salvo at MSNBC:

The Justice Department has sent a letter to dozens of local law enforcement agencies in Alabama that receive federal money, warning them that they risk losing that funding if they’re not careful in how they enforce the state’s tough new immigration law.

The Obama administration has already sued the state, claiming that the law is unconstitutional. Now it’s keeping the pressure on by addressing how the law is carried out.

The law, HB56 passed by the Alabama Legislature in June, attempts to combat illegal immigration by establishing harsh penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers, requiring public schools to report children and parents who are not legal residents, and forbidding illegal migrants from having any transactions with the government. The law creates new immigration crimes, and puts local police in the position of enforcing immigration.

Federal justice officials were in Birmingham last week to investigate the civil rights impacts of HB56, which is designed to make it extremely uncomfortable, if not impossible, for illegal immigrants to live in the state. Among the officials was Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general of Justice Department’s civil rights division.

In an unusual letter addressed to 156 Alabama sheriff’s offices and police departments, Perez tells them that the federal government is monitoring how they enforce the part of the law that requires checking the immigration status of people who are stopped for questioning.

It is critical, Perez says, that local law agencies “ensure that your enforcement of this law does not result in unlawful stopping, questioning, searching, detaining, or arresting” in violation of the Constitution “or targeting of racial and ethnic minorities.”   [or we will fry your bottoms!—no, he didn’t say that, out loud anyway!—ed].  

Meanwhile, in Perez’s home state of Maryland,  his former organization, CASA de Maryland suffered a legal setback, here.



  1. The whole Obama DOJ contributes to a very important point. Let us look at Eric Holder (of Fast and Furious, and oh yea, we don’t prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation) fame. Now we have Perez attempting to intimidate Alabama law enforcement, which based on a report that I heard on the Blaine Young radio show today, may be working. That is: some Alabama officials are re-thinking the tough law because it may disuade foreign business’ from coming to Alabama.

    The very important point that I first alluded to is this: The news media and most of the candidates themselves are trying, oh so hard to convince you, the American voter, that this upcoming election is about nothing more than the economy and jobs, and it is, but it is also about the hijacking of our legal system which has fallen under the control of thugs who turn the patriotic, law abidding citizen into the criminal; Its about giving billions of our dollars to business’ who take our money and promptly file for bankruptsy (Solyndra and others) because they cannot compete in the marketplace. Its about Korzine, who’s company (MF Global) lost billions of investor’s dollars and Mr. Korzine has no idea of where the money went. Maybe Bill Clinton”s $50,000/month consultant fee may be a clue.

    Its about the, lets cater to the Muslims and diss Israel foreign policy; its about the, let’s ban oil drilling for America but allow Argentina to drill in the gulf, etc. etc.

    This upcoming election is the most important election of my lifetime (and I’m an old guy.) We need a consevative, someone who cares about the American people, our constitution, and our way of life.

    Vote Michelle Bachmann, thats what I’m going to do, given the opportunity.

  2. […] week it was Alabama, this week it’s Arizona and Washington […]

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