Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 8, 2011

Ehrlich aide convicted in voter suppression case, could go to jail

If you are a regular reader, I don’t need to explain the case against Paul Schurick (a former aide to Democrat Gov. William Donald Schaefer and more recently to former Gov. Bob Ehrlich).  If you are new to the Maryland political scene, see all of my archived posts on this mess, here, where the fundamental question keeps jumping out—WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING (#1)?   Schurick, at least, is supposed to be a smart guy.

I looked this morning to find one straight news story to give you the facts on the verdict, but couldn’t find anything that spelled it out simply.  So, thankfully, the Maryland Reporter has this little summary with links (in its State Roundup for yesterday) to what others are saying.

Read the Daily Kos on the story!

Now, check out blogger Steve Lebowitz (justdafacts posted at the Daily Kos) on a Leftist’s view of the debacle.  (It’s very important for us to read what the other side is saying from time to time!)

Apparently Lebowitz has been following the career of Gov. Bob for years and uses this occasion (of the guilty verdict) to whack Ehrlich on his book and on his career of alleged corruption.   I can’t address the corruption issues that Lebowitz raises—I wasn’t paying attention then and have no way of knowing how much legitimate evidence there is against Ehrlich (after all he isn’t in jail!), but when Mr. Lebowitz in any way links Ehrlich to anything relating to the Tea Party, he has gone too far!

I want to remind readers that Bob Ehrlich didn’t represent the Tea Party when he ran for Governor last year and indeed he went out of his way to attack Tea Party favorite Gov. Sarah Palin (and here) when she endorsed Brian Murphy for governor in the Republican primary.

Blogger Lebowitz also doesn’t mention here that Schurick’s partner in crime was longtime Democrat dirty trickster—Julius Henson.   Which brings me to WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING (#2)?   Why does Bob Ehrlich have any reason to be involved with this guy?

Here is a 2002 story on Henson everyone should read—some people don’t even want to breath the same air as Henson—so why was Gov. Bob willing to inhale?



  1. Thanks for linking my post, Ann. Please don’t think for a minute that I would conflate Bob Ehrlich with the bona fide Tea Party movement (as opposed to the ginned up Americans for Prosperity/Freedomworks “tea party.” My point was that Bob Ehrlich panders to the Tea Party–to sell his book and in his failed re-election attempt last year.

    I disagree with much about the tea party, but I respect the opinions of its adherents and always listen to or read what they have to say. I wouldn’t insult you or any other sincere and informed tea party adherent by associating Bob Ehrlich with your movement.

    – Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis

    • Thanks Steve, really appreciate your comment.

  2. […] please visit a previous post when Schurick was found guilty and follow links to earlier posts, here.  And, learn about the “Schurick Doctrine,” a strategy to confuse African American […]

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