Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 6, 2011

Some Maryland black Dems not happy with the Democrat establishment

Hmmmm!  This is very interesting, could we be seeing the rumblings of change coming in Maryland where black Democrats have figured out that Gov. O’Malley, Senator Ben Cardin and the Pres himself may not have their best interests at heart.

The lawsuit by the Fannie Lou Hamer PAC against O’Malley’s Congressional re-districting of the state kind of set things in motion recently.  Then we see that President Obama has already endorsed Senator Ben Cardin while other Democrats including State Senator Anthony Muse (who supports the re-districting lawsuit) are contemplating running against Cardin in the primary.   See an apparently perplexed blogger at Maryland Juice for the skinny on all that,here.

From the Gazette yesterday:

State Sen. C. Anthony Muse says he is close to deciding whether or not he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2012.

Muse (D-Dist. 26) of Fort Washington, who is considering challenging incumbent Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D), said he is buoyed by support he has received from potential voters around the state.

“I’m putting [out] the final barometers from some other groups, which should help me to determine that, but I am very encouraged by what [response] I have been getting,” Muse said.


Reluctant to say whether an upcoming announcement would confirm his plans for a campaign, Muse said he is “very seriously considering making some kind of announcement within a few weeks.”

Last week, more than 150 religious leaders from around the state signed a letter encouraging Muse to pursue the U.S. Senate seat.

Many pastors are worried because they say black communities are not adequately represented in the U.S. Senate, said Carolyn Mills-Matthews, who is handling media relations for the clergy group.


Muse said he was encouraged by the group of pastors, and said he also has had positive responses from civic associations, community associations and other elected officials, although he would not say which elected officials have encouraged him to run.

‘What people are saying is they see no change and they are just angry at what they are saying in Washington,” Muse said.

No change!  Then run Senator Muse, run!

See our Cardin Watch category for more on one of the most liberal Senators  in the United States (that is since Obama, who held the distinction as the most liberal US Senator, went to the White House).



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