Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 6, 2011

Honor crimes and polygamy creeping into the UK with Sharia Law

The Muslim immigrant population is rapidly increasing in the UK and Europe generally and with it a demand for a parallel legal system called Sharia (sometimes spelled Shariah) Law.

Recently MD CAN held a conference in Annapolis that drew fire from Maryland’s Islamist activists because conference presenters dared to address Sharia Law…

If this (reported by the Hudson Institute this week) is happening in the UK, can the US be far behind?

Unrelated, rather crude and not funny.

Grover Norquist (who most believe  is a Muslim convert and whose wife is definitely a Muslim) used his daughters and polygamy for a joke in a stand-up comedy contest in Washington, DC last week.  Said Norquist:

Refusing to make fun of his own stature as a power broker was a missed opportunity, but in the context of Republican politics, he didn’t play it safe. Musing about how he hopes his two daughters become Mormons, he explained his reasoning this way: “If things work out, we only have to pay for one wedding.”

Norquist called anyone who suggested Sharia Law is problematic an “Islamophobe” here last February when he told Think Progress that Sharia Law was compatible with the US Constitution.  Polygamy and honor crimes too?


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