Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 5, 2011

Maryland’s 6th District chaos cascades

Sheesh!  What a mess.  Since I failed to write on the chaos that ensued last week when this story first broke, I’m now way behind the eight-ball and all I can do is direct you to bits of news and let you try to sort it out!

The problem began last week (and unless you live under a rock, you have surely heard about it by now!) when it was learned that ten-term 6th District Republican Roscoe Bartlett’s chief of staff, Bud Otis, had been quietly asking for support should he run for Congress if Bartlett chose not to run in 2012.  That story is here.

Next Bud Otis resigned or was fired, here.

With the news that Otis was asking for support, the flood gates opened and a whole host of wannabees have come forward, here. (There are more links on the wannabees and when I find them, I’ll add them.)   Many were already lined up on both the Republican and Democrat side to challenge Bartlett, who is 85 years old, anyway.

One of the challengers is likely to be Bartlett protege’ and former Maryland Senator Alex Mooney who presently heads up the MD GOP.  Presumably he would have to step down as Chairman (here at Monoblogue, more here) at a time when a new Executive Director (a young fellow) is just now coming on board, here.

Yesterday, the Frederick News Post  (hat tip: Dick) which must be throwing its support behind State Senator David Brinkley said of Mooney:

Mooney’s announcement was followed less than an hour later by state Sen. David Brinkley’s. Mooney, a hard-line, firebrand conservative, and Brinkley, a more moderate consensus-builder, couldn’t be less alike, even though they shared Frederick County’s representation in Annapolis as members of the same party.


This contest, which promised to be bruising, now becomes brutal — Mooney is a dirty campaigner who will take no prisoners.

Throw into this mix the news that no one knows where the district lines will be and that a federal judge’s decision now puts Maryland’s April 2012 primary date in jeopardy, here (Hat tip: Doug).

Then, this morning on the Bob Miller program on WFMD radio all the talk was about the fact that Senator David Brinkley would not even live in the district if the O’Malley map prevails, but we were informed by radio host Miller that one doesn’t even have to live in the district to be its Congressional representative.  That was new to me!

Anyway, the plot thickens and for political junkies this 6th District race (wherever the 6th District will be) should be a doozy!

Update December 6th:  More on the hopefuls coming out of the woodwork at Roll Call (Hat tip: Doug)


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