Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 4, 2011

PlanMaryland hearing and rally: Annapolis, December 12th!

Del. Kelly Schultz has sent out this alert for a PlanMaryland rally and a public hearing a week from tomorrow (Hat tip: Jim and Dick):

From the Desk of Kelly Schultz:

Plan Maryland

After much attention from legislators, counties, municipalities, farmers and businesses, the Governor has agreed to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed Plan Maryland. The original intent was to pass the regulations onto the specific agencies for inclusion into our state’s standards without any legislative oversight. This public hearing is the first opportunity to address the multitude of issues that are present in the Plan in the legislature. I strongly urge you to attend if you are an opponent or a supporter. This is a very important part of our governing process that we, as a group, have worked very diligently for on your behalf.

Please see the details from Senator EJ Pipken below:

“The Maryland State Senate’s committee on Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs will be conducting a briefing on PlanMaryland on December 12, 2011 at 11:00am. At this briefing both supporters and opponents to the Comprehensive State Plan will be allowed to speak. While, the panel of both sides will be limited to the number of speakers, a presence of local officials will signify to the Committee that there are real concerns regarding the Plan.

The presence of county officials, farmers, and landowners will show strength in our numbers.

As of right now, the committee will conduct the briefing within the its hearing room, on the 2nd Floor of the Miller Senate Building, in Annapolis.

Before the briefing there will be a rally on Lawyer’s Mall here in Annapolis at 9:30am to protest PlanMaryland. Because not everyone will be able to speak at the briefing, this will provide a forum for speakers to express their concerns publicly. Press will be in attendance, so a strong showing will impress.

I now invite you to attend both the rally and the hearing. Please contact my office at 410-841-3639 if you are attending.

What: Rally and Briefing on PlanMaryland

Where: Rally – Lawyer’s Mall, Annapolis, MD

Briefing – Educations, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee Room, 2nd Floor Miller Senate Building, Annapolis, MD

When: December 12, 2011




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