Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 2, 2011

Bob Ehrlich’s “bookapalooza”

I was wondering this morning how the MD GOP fundraiser with former Governor Bob Ehrlich went last night—the event blogger Richard Cross called the “bookapalooza.”

Originally, I had planned to write a post on the latest news (here) on the Ehrlich staffers/consultant’s trial on the voter suppression robocall debacle last year and combine it with the MD GOP fundraiser, but ran out of time yesterday.

Today, however, I see that I don’t need to write about it because blogger Cross (at Cross Purposes) has done such a great job, I’ll just direct you to him for more, here at “Ehrlich: read the book watch the trial: ”


This is a big week for the remaining inhabitants of Ehrlich world.

The former governor’s new book, Turn This Car Around, will be unveiled at a fundraising event at Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie tomorrow night. Sources tell me that ticket sales are moving at a glacial pace, with only about 150 sold as of this writing. (Update: I have since been informed that, in response to lagging ticket sales, the price per ticket for the main event has been lowered to $100 from $125).

Meanwhile, MD GOP Chairman Alex Mooney has been telling people he expects to sell 25,000 copies of the book.

Thousands of books…150 tickets sold. You do the math.

Of course my big question here is did the MD GOP buy the 25,000 books in advance when I’m told they don’t have enough to pay their rent?  Does anyone know?

Cross then goes on to bring up the topic of the trials for Ehrlich operatives Schurick and Henson.

In addition to the bookapalooza, the first of two trials stemming from the infamous robocalling incident from last year’s election started this week.

Paul Schurick and Julius Henson – the Leopold and Loeb of Maryland politics – are accused of violating state voter suppression laws. Henson’s trial was pushed back to February; Schurick’s courtroom odyssey is now underway.

In a separate post, blogger (and former Ehrlich speech writer) Cross, directs us to an op-ed he wrote in June, here (The robocall scandal matters), on the robocall mess and asks ‘what were they thinking?’  That has been my question (see my post of November a year ago!) all along.  Did Ehrlich know about this ‘strategy’ in advance and who in their right mind would hire this guy Henson?

I wonder did Mitt Romney know about all this when he hired Ehrlich to run his campaign in Maryland?



  1. Here’s a thought. Let me show up two hours late for Bobby Haircut’s book scrawling. Just like Bobby Haircut showed up two hours late at a Howard County rally that I attended on behalf of a Senate candidate I supported. 150-200 people were there on a 100 degree Sunday, waiting on the Marylands’ GOP’s favorite son. Ehrlich shows up and hops out of his air-conditioned SUV, and promptly announces that, “Hey, my son’s Little League game went into extra innings. But, he won!” The few establishment GOP apparatchiks not suffering from heat exhaustion loudly cheered. Bob acknowledged the GOP officials in the crowd,and along with raising applause for his family, off he goes! Didn’t even raise a sweat. As opposed to the people whose Sunday he wasted. As with Pelosi’s and Boehner’s, the Dollar Tree clearance shelves await your book, Bob!

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