Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 1, 2011

Why is Obama’s Love leaving now?

And, who will replace him?

Looks like other bloggers are wondering what’s up with this strange arrangement and the abrupt leave-taking of Reggie  Love from the Obama White House.

Below Potter Williams’ blog asks some of the same questions I raised here about ten days ago.

There have been significant departures from the White House these past few months. But none more puzzling than the imminent exit of Obama’s “body guy”, Reggie Love.

They’re close, very close. Love gets very little sleep waiting on Obama night and day. In fact he often sleeps on the burgundy sofa in the Oval office and watches his boss floss.

Silence from the late night shows where this dental floss carrying business would make for many jokes if Palin had a similar friend-with-the-floss at the ready.

While shows like Saturday Night Live pummeled the Palin family with innuendos of incest between Todd Palin and his daughters, Obama’s “constant companion” was off limits. The Love/Obama connection seemed made to order for the irreverent humor SNL is known for but the producers left it alone.

So why is Love heading to the Wharton School of Business? 2012? Is Obama cleaning house, the White House? The upcoming election promises to be a real nail biter. The One’s number of supporters has dwindled and the lower the poll numbers the higher the risk something could go wrong.  [You betcha!–ed]

Who is next for Obama (I read somewhere that Reggie wasn’t the first of Obama’s body men)?

So who will replace Reggie? Who will hand the President his itinerary and keep him organized? Who will be the next body man?

Strange, very strange.

LOL!  You know how Herman Cain is having a meeting with his wife tomorrow.  My guess is that Obama had that meeting with Michelle on about November 9th because on the 10th the announcement was made that Reggie really really wanted to go to business school.



  1. You are correct in one very important respect, if this had been Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin, late-night would have been all over it. SNL, Letterman, Mahr. and others. It just goes to show how much late-night TV are on the socialists side, and how much influence they have with our young people.

    We, the people, have to somehow come up with a way to counter the commedic influence. “News Busted” is a start, but it is internet only and not main stream. We need some conservative commedians. In other words, play the game that they are playing. When our commedians start making more sense than their commedians, we win!

  2. […]   I suspected that her hubby’s close friendship with constant traveling companion and  body man Reggie Love was part of the problem, but now comes this tantalizing […]

  3. […] But, I find it interesting to see how Reggie Love keeps popping up in the media.  Read this piece and tell me if you see what I see—mainstream media titillated to learn more and write more about the “body man” all the while dropping little nuggets that could be read two ways.   (If you  have never heard of Love’s relationship to Obama, read earlier posts here and here.) […]

  4. […] don’t know if there is any connection.  But, first we learn that Obama loses his longtime “body man” and apparently soul-mate Reggie Love (just about the time the whole Herman Cain sex scandals […]

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