Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 28, 2011

Colin Powell says Tea Party (media too) at fault for divisiveness in political discourse

Ho hum, here comes Colin “the compromiser” Powell dissing the Tea Party on CNN, but not a word about Obama’s or OWS’s part in setting the tone in Washington.

From News Busters:

Colin Powell on Sunday blamed the media as well as the Tea Party for the divisive political tone in Washington.

Not surprisingly, neither the class warfare stoked by President Obama and his Party nor the resulting Occupy Wall Street movement was mentioned during this seven minute interview with Christiane Amanpour on ABC’s This Week.

Move forward to where?  Powell went on:

Compromise is how this country was founded, and unless two people in disagreement with each other don’t find a way to reach out to one another and make compromises, you don’t get a consensus that allows you to move forward.  [I can’t stand this phrase about ‘moving forward’ because I want to know where exactly are we moving forward to, and those who use the vacuous phrase never say.—ed]

But the Tea Party point of view of no compromise whatsoever is not a point of view that will eventually produce a presidential candidate who will win.

How about the notion that the two sides fight it out (nearly to the death) and the side that garners the most public support wins?

Thank goodness the Republican Party didn’t put General Powell up (more accurately, Powell’s wife took him out of it) for the Presidency when his name was bandied about as a possible savior for the party in the mid-1990’s.

By the way, if Rush isn’t on vacation, he will surely discuss Powell, a favorite (NOT!) of Limbaugh, on his radio show today.



  1. “Compromise is how this country was founded…”

    That’s right! I distinctly remember learning in history class how the colonists sat down and compromised with King George. I think the slogan went something like, “OK, we’ll agree to a little taxation in exchange for some representation.”

  2. There was indeed some compromise at the Constitutional Convention..the kind that is permitted when the men in the room all hold the basic assumptions about life in common. , In 1787 the men in the room were white, male, Christian, landowners completely a product of Western Culture and determined to preserve it. Highly educated men, of near genius IQ, e and of over riding good will these men could admit some compromise on peripheral issues because everything else was shared and understood Now compare America in the year 2011.. what is left to “compromise”? Every shared value of the men of 1787 has been spit on, derided and destroyed. We have compromised on the point we have nothing in common anymore. Homosexuality as normal? Sure..why not? More Islamization?
    Just ignore 1500 years of Jihadist warfare…tolerance is the only thing that matters. Communism?..we can ignore history on that too. How about some
    more Feminism.? Sure another generation of fatherless boys cant hurt?
    More welfare? More mass immigration? More cultural relativism..fine? Lets
    not read the newspaper,think about reality, look our the window ..lets indulge one more time in massive egomania and lets “compromise” so we
    can feel good about ourselves. .

  3. And just to add insult to injury, did you know that Colin Powell is one of the overseers of the International Rescue Committee, yea, all that immigration resettlement stuff, along with Madeleine Albright, Kaffi Annan, Tom Brokaw, Henry Kissinger, and, get this, Liv Ullmann and Ellie Wiesel. Yep, those are the people I want deciding what refugees get to come to our country to suck us dry.
    But more to the point, the compromise crap is exactly what has to stop. Every time a conservative (real or immagined) compromises, we lose. We need to send people to office that will not compromise our positions, it’s better to have no legislation than to have compromised, bad legislation. When will they wake up?

    I have to tell you, I know no one is giving her much of a chance, but I still think that Michelle Bachmann is the most uncompromising consevative, in fact, she may be the only uncompromising conservative on the ticket. Just saying.

    • Greg you are right on the money in everything you say here… and I’m coming around to the same conclusion about Bachmann that you have.

      As a matter of fact, do you know that at the end of the national security debate last week she brought up the Somali threat to US (from within). I wrote about it yesterday at Refugee Resettlement Watch. That is astounding, usually candidates are afraid to even talk about the various ethnic groups we have allowed to enter the US legally, some of whom plan to do us harm.

      • I agree with Greg that Bachmann is the only REAL conservative of all the GOP contenders.

        HOWEVER, I’m concerned that she does not seem capable of keeping/motivating a staff or organizing a campaign. I suspect that she is not ready for prime time or — as some others have suggested — she’s angling for VP slot.

        If you look at how much damage Obama has done to the progressive cause through his incompetence, conservatives should be wary of putting ideology ahead of competence.

        IMHO, Romney is the “least bad” outcome for TEA Party Movement this election cycle. If he wins, at least we get rid of Obama. If he loses, that’s one more argument against running RINO’s instead of conservatives.

      • I’m still hoping that we (and the Nation) will be saved by a white knight in shining armor or that Obama completely flames out. Oops! Don’t mean “white” as in skin color but as in good guy. Oops again! Don’t mean it has to be a guy either. And, sheesh, I don’t mean flame-out as in flamer. Send me to sensitivity training before it’s too late!

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