Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 25, 2011

Temporary Protected Status to expire for Salvadorans in early 2012

……and you can bet that CASA de Maryland is busy right now working within the federal government to insure it is extended yet AGAIN! 

Please take a few minutes to read this post from last June (inspired by a confrontation I had with an open borders activist in Boonsboro, MD) to get a better understanding of this LEGAL immigration scam known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS).  And, remember that the largest segment of the Maryland/DC “Hispanic” population is Salvadoran.

In the late 1990’s the US granted TPS to around 190,000 illegal immigrants from El Salvador when a hurricane devastated the country—oh we couldn’t send the poor souls back—and then every few years it gets extended for some flimsy reason.

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies once famously saidthere is nothing so permanent as temporary protected status!

For all intents and purposes, those originally illegal aliens from El Salvador can do anything a US Citizen can do—except vote (supposedly) unless they have since married an American.   Bush extended TPS  (lo and behold ostensibly it was because of an earthquake this time, but it was really, as the NYT reported, about sending US dollars to El Salvador) and so has Obama for other groups (Haitians after their earthquake).

And, by the way, Ike Leggett loves those Salvadorans, here (unless they plan to give him a hard time over the Purple line!)

Obama will surely extend the date of return for the probably quarter of a million illegal aliens here from El Salvador when their deportation date  approaches on March 9, 2012.  Maybe its done already. Watch for it!

Read all about TPS here at the USCIS website.  And, the next time you are tempted to say, “Legal immigration is good, it’s illegal immigration I oppose,” reconsider saying those words!  Our LEGAL immigration system is scandalous and filled with fraud.



  1. Indeed, out-of-control LEGAL immigration is the underlying problem that makes mass ILLEGAL immigration possible. Large communities of legal aliens provide the environments where co-ethnic illegal aliens can blend in and also find connections to jobs, public services, etc. This is a basic point made by Mark Krikorian.

    Krikorian also wrote a very worthwhile article on the basic point that our legal immigration is dominated by the same poverty-class populations as our illegal immigration, so it’s LEGAL immigration that really needs to be fixed. See “Legal Good/Illegal Bad? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”:

  2. […] AGAIN this March—a topic which I’ve extensively covered at Potomac Tea Party Report (here is one recent post).  Oh, and by the way, during their TPS they can figure out just how to make […]

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