Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 22, 2011

Baltimore to be Obama’s trial balloon for amnesty

Easily the biggest story for Marylanders in the last week (and one I should have posted days ago) is the choice by the Obama Administration of Baltimore (along with Denver, CO) as the test sites for backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens.

Every Maryland citizens should be outraged by this! 

The decision also further confirms why the in-state tuition for illegals law is so important to the open borders lobby and why they are fighting so hard to keep the citizens of Maryland from voting in a referendum in 2012.  If the kids are in college they can’t be deported under the Obama “pilot” amnesty program.

From the Baltimore Sun:

— Baltimore is one of two cities selected to test an immigration policy adopted by the Obama administration that could freeze deportations of illegal immigrants who have no criminal records, the Department of Homeland Security said Thursday.

The elderly, children who have been in the country more than five years, students who came to the U.S. under the age of 16 and are enrolled in a college degree program, and victims of domestic violence are among those whose deportations could be put on hold under the test program, which begins Dec. 4 and could be broadened in January.  [By the way, domestic violence claims are turning into a big deal—just turn in your spouse or boyfriend and claim they beat you and you get amnesty!–ed]

Though the federal policy was set earlier this year, the decision to begin implementation in Baltimore is likely to renew a broader immigration debate in Maryland that has been stoked by legislation in the General Assembly to offer some illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates at public universities.

Of course CASA de Maryland applauded the choice of Baltimore as a guinea pig.

We are relieved that there is potentially a new future for families that we see divided all the time” by the current deportation policy, said Kim Propeack, policy director for Casa de Maryland, an immigrant advocacy group.

A June 17 memorandum gave prosecutors more discretion over whether to pursue deportations of illegal immigrants who pose no threat to public safety. The memo offered general guidelines — some argued that it was too vague to be useful to field agents — but Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun to roll out a training program to instruct agents on how to apply the criteria.

Administration officials say the goal is to focus enforcement on deporting people who have committed crimes.

Del. Pat McDonough will attempt to roll back the new policy in January when the Maryland Legislature reconvenes:

Critics, including state Del. Pat McDonough, said the test program would encourage illegal immigrants to come to Maryland. The Baltimore County Republican is one of the lawmakers who organized a petition drive in opposition to the state’s tuition law. That measure is set to go to voters in a referendum next year.

“I think Baltimore was picked because it is a sanctuary city,” McDonough said. “This is another magnet. The more powerful that magnet is, the more people come.”

McDonough said when the General Assembly convenes in January, he will push legislation that would withhold state funds from any city or county that refused to enforce immigration rules.

Another critic, Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young, told this reporter that it was “another typical move by this liberal administration to spit in the face of the legal taxpaying citizens of this great country.”  Readers may recall that Frederick County has vowed to be the most unwelcoming county in the state for illegal immigrants, here.

Why Baltimore, Maryland?

I think one (of many reasons!) why Baltimore was chosen is because Maryland is the home of the Department of Justice’s chief “attack dog” Thomas Perez (in addition to being the focus of one of the largest upcoming battles on illegal immigration—the 2012 referendum).  And, maybe they think there won’t be as much blow back in Maryland since prominent Maryland establishment Republicans endorsed Perez for the job!

Here is Ira Mehlman (FAIR) writing at Town Hall about Perez’s assault on Alabama when he demanded school districts turn over attendance records.

When Alabama’s attorney general, Luther Strange, advised superintendents not comply (citing ongoing litigation over HB 56) and questioned DOJ’s legal authority to seek such detailed information, the head of DOJ’s civil rights division, Thomas Perez, shot back asserting that his department has “express authority” to investigate “potential violations of civil rights laws that protect educational opportunities for schoolchildren.” Before becoming Assistant Attorney General, Perez served as director of an outfit known as CASA de Maryland,* a strident and well-financed illegal alien advocacy group that receives funding from sources as diverse as the State of Maryland and Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez.


As the administration wages its effort to halt most enforcement of immigration laws and to secure amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who are here, DOJ has been turned into a political attack dog, unleashed on any state or local government that dares to get in the administration’s way.

* If you have never read Jim Simpson’s investigative report on an “outfit known as CASA de Maryland” at Accuracy in Media, you should read it now!



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