Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 21, 2011

O’Malley (of the crab balls clan) waging war on rural Maryland

“…a war on rural Maryland”

That is what Sen. Chris Shank said at a Saturday gathering of Republicans in Hagerstown, MD.   Listing the Democrats Congressional re-redistricting, PlanMaryland, a stepped-up watershed plan, and a goal to eliminate septic tanks, leaders of the Washington County delegation to the Maryland Assembly brought interested citizens up to speed on the “war.”

From the Hagerstown Herald Mail:

FUNKSTOWN, Md.— Charges of Democratic gerrymandering and complaints that Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley is conducting “a war on rural Maryland” came up Saturday morning when Republican members of Washington County delegation’s to the Maryland General Assembly met with the Washington County Republican Central Committee.

State Sen. Christopher B. Shank and Delegates Neil C. Parrott, Andrew A. Serafini and Michael J. Hough met with the committee over breakfast at Next Dimensions restaurant.

There was a lot of good information presented, so read the H/M for the details.   Del. Parrott said that this was all planned to keep “elitist liberals in power.”

Then Washington County Commissioner Jeff Cline got a laugh and an invite from Frederick County commissioner and radio host Blaine Young to come on his show.

Washington County Commissioner Jeffrey A. Cline agreed that the state is trying to usurp planning power away from counties and communities.

“If we let some bureaucrat looking over the harbor eating shrimp cocktails and crab balls tell us what to do, that’s wrong,” Cline said.



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