Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 21, 2011

Obama’s illegal alien uncle is challenging the legality of his DUI arrest…

…..and just his mere presence raises questions about the official Obama “narrative.”

“Uncle Omar” is in the news again, as we learned from the Boston Globe last week.   By the way, when you see all the legal fire power don’t you wonder who is paying for all of this?

FRAMINGHAM – President Obama’s uncle was back in court yesterday as his lawyer declared that he intends to challenge the legality of the traffic stop that resulted in his arrest on a drunken driving charge.

P. Scott Bratton, the lawyer representing Onyango Obama, said in an interview that he would file a motion “saying the police had no reason to stop him.’’ A hearing on the motion to suppress was scheduled for Jan. 12 in Framingham District Court.

A somber-faced Obama, a half-brother of the president’s father, sat silently during the brief hearing. Several people in the packed courtroom could be heard whispering excitedly about the presidential relative in their midst. A young man seated behind Obama, 67, quietly chanted, “Free Obama, free Obama.’’

Obama, a Framingham resident, was arrested by Framingham police Aug. 24 on charges of operating under the influence of alcohol, failure to yield, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. A breathalyzer test taken at the police station showed Obama’s blood-alcohol level to be 0.14 percent, according to a report filed by the Framingham Police Department.

Bratton said that if he can prove that Obama’s arrest was illegal, any evidence police gathered after he was stopped, such as the breathalyzer test or statements made by Obama, would be inadmissible in court.

In my view, what they are really working toward is to keep him from being deported.

Obama, who was born in Kenya, faces other issues in immigration court. For reasons that are unclear, Obama was ordered deported in 1992 but has remained in the country. Bratton said that Obama’s immigration lawyer, also named Scott Bratton, has obtained a temporary stay of deportation and will appear before immigration officials next month to explain why Obama should be allowed to remain in the United States. Immigration officials have declined to comment on the status of his case, citing privacy laws.

Reporter Sally Jacobs wraps up with a tiny bit of information about how Omar (now Onyango) got to the US in the first place, but she knows a whole lot more as author of a must-read book entitled, “The Other Barack,” which I reported on here.

Obama came to the United States in 1963 and attended private school in Cambridge while living with his older brother, the president’s father, for one year until his brother returned to Kenya.

Questions involving the official President Barack Obama narrative.

When Barack-the-younger, wrote “Dreams from my Father” he said that Uncle Omar disappeared into the US and no one knew where he was.  Well that was basically a lie.  Lots of people knew where he was and author/reporter Jacobs had no problem unearthing his background starting on page 151 of “The Other Barrack.”  So surely the President knew all along and couldn’t possibly not have known he was in the Boston area when Onyango/Omar’s sister Aunt Zeituni was discovered, also illegally living in Boston public housing, in 2008.  (Aunt Zeituni, who attended Barack’s swearing in as a US Senator, has been granted asylum in the US).

Subsequently, Aunt Zeituni has publicly claimed that Barack and Michelle don’t invite her to family events like Thanksgiving at the White House. (I don’t know if she has been invited this year, now that she is a legal immigrant.)

Jacobs tells us that Onyango/Omar got into that tony private school in Boston after Obama-the-elder met another well-connected white woman at Harvard/Radcliff whose father helped Uncle Omar get into the school.   The many dalliances of Barack-the-elder, had (along with his heavy drinking) gotten him booted from the Harvard PhD program he would have finished in another year, which is strange in itself—since when did students in the 1960’s get thrown out of the school and out of the country for womanizing and drinking?

If you are a Rush Limbaugh fan you have also heard how Obama, the President, does nothing to support a younger brother “living in a hut” in Kenya.  Barack-the-elder, ultimately had four wives (some at the same time) and an indeterminate number of children before dying in a drunken stupor by driving into a tree.

Which brings me to additional questions about the Obama narrative.  Readers, I didn’t mean to drag this on, but because the media did the nation a terrible injustice in 2007 and 2008 and never did the investigation that we now see being done with zeal on Herman Cain and other Republican candidates for the Presidency, we are left with questions that still need to be answered about our President.

Do you know what the theory of the “big lie” is?   The concept is that the average person may lie a little once in awhile, but would never tell a massive lie.  So when someone lies massively, it is often believed because the average person cannot imagine anyone lying that big!

Is Barack-the-elder, really the father of President Barack Obama?

Some people believe he is not and that is what he is hiding on his birth certificate.  I know it’s pretty far-fetched but some things don’t add up.  Barack’s complete lack of interest in his extended “family” members is either the mark of a very cold man (which is possible) or because they really aren’t relatives.

Consider for a moment that a pregnant Ann Dunham, knowing she is pregnant with a black child and knowing that Barack-the-elder was one cool dude (the first African to attend U. of Hawaii and someone everyone looked up to at the university) making up a story for her young son that was much more exotic then having a father, say Frank Marshall Davis, an old coot, a pornographer and a communist friend of Ann’s Mom and Dad as his father.

Why might I think this?  Tell me, readers, if this isn’t strange—Ann gives birth to baby Barack in early August 1961 but by the third week in August she and baby leave Hawaii and she enrolls in the Univ. of Washington and, as Jacobs reports, never lives with her supposed husband, the African.   He stays at the Univ. of Hawaii for almost another year and then goes off to Harvard where he meets wife number 3 (they were married after Barack is deported back to Kenya).

Barack-the-elder returns to Africa with nary a look back to his wife in Hawaii (no support, no nothing for baby Barack).  Ann actually finished college in Hawaii, returning there after Barack was in Boston.  Later, when Barack-the-younger is ten he did return to Hawaii and tried to convince Ann Soetoro to go to Africa with him (and join his two other wives). She said no of course.

What if Ann concocted the paternity story for her fatherless little boy to make him think he was a very special little boy—son of an important Kenyan of the Luo clan—and Barack published “Dreams….” with Bill Ayers help not knowing (or maybe knowing!) that the whole narrative was make believe. I could go on and on, but one can readily see that since Barack Obama was never fully vetted by the media, we can all (me included!) develop our own theories.

Who is Barack Obama?  Who knows because those who would know, other than the man himself, are dead.  And, the mainstream media shows no inclination to find out.

Although now I would be worried if I were the President—yesterday’s attack by none other than Chris “Tingles” Matthews might be the first sign of media long knives out to get him to save the party.



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