Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 18, 2011

Is Norquist now advising the hard Left on political strategy?

That is the question raised about reports that Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform had been listed as a speaker at a conference of Leftist political operatives.  Could Norquist be leading more than three lives? Enquiring minds want to know!

Last month he was out in Detroit advising Islamic leaders, here.

Now, here, at Commentary Magazine, he is hobnobbing with Soros’ buddies (and this isn’t the first time we have heard about Grover and Soros.  Erick Erickson at Red State says that Soros has attended Norquist’s Wednesday meeting.).

From Commentary Magazine:

This is one story that seemed hard to believe at first. But the left-leaning Democracy Alliance​ confirmed to me that Grover Norquist​ did in fact speak at its invite-only conference for top Democratic donors last night. Norquist was reportedly there to advise influential progressives — including an adviser to George Soros​ — about how to create a successful political organizing strategy.

Then looks like Joseph Farah at World Net Daily (It’s time to dump Grover Norquist) was right on the money when he wondered why the Left hated Norquist so much when he was more like them then not.   Commentary continued:

Norquist does lean left on a lot of issues outside of tax cuts, most notably foreign policy and social issues.* But why would he agree to advise some of the most powerful Democratic donors on how to counter the conservative movement’s fundraising and organization strategy? I posed the same question to his office, and I’m waiting to hear back. Stay tuned.

A Norquist spokesman reported that Norquist was there, but gave no advice.   So, tell me why they would have invited a “conservative” operative otherwise—could any of the rest of us Tea Party types even get into the door at such strategy sessions?

You might think sometimes that this blog is entitled Grover Norquist Watch—it is not.  But you can learn more about the elusive Republican insider from the many posts archived here.

* Could it have been Norquist’s doing to banish the anti-gay marriage contingent from Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis when the Tea Party rallied there on October 18th?  Much to the consternation of many of us in attendance, Norquist was the head-liner at the event.


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