Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 17, 2011

Sign up for Heritage Action!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Russ Vought, the political director of Heritage Action—the activism-oriented wing of the Heritage Foundation.

I was reminded of how impressed I was by Mr. Vought’s experience and strong conservative convictions this morning when I read Richard Falknor’s post on the abysmal record of House Republican leaders in pending budget negotiations—looks like it’s going to be business as usual from the Republican establishment.

Check out Heritage Action’s website here and especially check out their Congressional scorecard.  A 100% score is reserved for the legislator who voted conservatively every time.  Right now Senator Jim DeMint tops the list with a score of 99% (maybe a 100 doesn’t exist?).

For a laugh, check out the Maryland delegation, here, and note that our Senators Cardin and Mikulski rank at the bottom (no surprise!) with 5% each.  Rep. Andy Harris tops our list with a score of 80% while Roscoe Bartlett is at 73%.

But, now look at the Republican “leadership.”  Boehner is not scored which is really too bad.  But, Majority leader Eric Cantor comes in at only a 61% and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is at 62%—hmmmm!

By contrast Michele Bachmann, who did want a leadership position if you recall, has a score of 91%!

In light of that information don’t be surprised if Republican leaders cave to the Democrats in the coming weeks.



  1. I am not at all surprised by their findings. I set up a Glenn Beck-like chart. I listed all the Republican candidates on one side, and all the issues on the other. The only person on the list to get check marks from me across the board was Michelle Bachmann. The lefty media, and somewhat to my surprise, even conservative radio seem to be making this election about jobs, jobs, jobs. And it is about jobs, but it’s also about freedom, about liberty, about getting government out of our kitchen, our bedrooms, and our light bulbs. I am happy that Herritage gave Michele Bachmann a 91% rating because my research coincides. I wish more people would take the time to study the issues and make their own decision, rather than wait for the newest media poll to come out and tell you how to think.

  2. […] related to immigration, but the Heritage Foundation has a scorecard too.  I first mentioned it here last […]

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