Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 17, 2011

CASA de Maryland demands that Baltimore mayor continue sanctuary status

They want the mayor to put her campaign promise to end “racial profiling” in Baltimore in writing.  Baltimore has long been a sanctuary city and I didn’t know that status was even in jeopardy.

They also want a ban on city police enforcing any federal immigration laws.


BALTIMORE — Hispanic groups want Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to hold true to her campaign promises now that she’s won her first elected term in office.

On Tuesday, Casa de Maryland and other organizations protested outside City Hall, calling on the mayor to issue an executive order prohibiting racial profiling.

The End Racial Profiling Act of 2011 was one of the cornerstones of her campaign to the community.

“Local jurisdictions are taking it upon themselves to actively enforce immigration laws. We know Baltimore is better than that, has been better than that and can be better than that. We want the mayor to put it in writing,” said Casa organizer Elizabeth Alex.

In addition to outlawing racial profiling, the executive order would also ban the use of city police to enforce the federal immigration law.

LOL!  I guess it depends on which ox is being gored.  CASA would be the first in line protesting ‘states rights’ as in Arizona or Alabama enforcing their locally created laws, but here they want the Mayor to have the power to supersede the feds.



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  2. Has anyone noticed how much our liberal friends are relying on “executive order” these days, rather than going through the legislative process, you know, the one where we the people put people in office to do our bidding for us. Obama with the EPA, O’malley with “PlanMaryland” and now the request from Casa de Maryland to urge the mayor of Baltimore to use it? They know it won’t pass the people’s muster, so they want to circumvent our voice. We cannot allow this to keep happening

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