Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 16, 2011

Special treatment for Muslim women bathers in Howard County being considered

It was only a little over two weeks ago that the Maryland Conservative Action Network was condemned by Islamist activists in Maryland for daring to host a panel discussion entitled, Is Shariah Law coming to Maryland? on how Islamic Law is creeping into the fabric of our society generally and is happening here in Maryland as well.

Now comes news that the Columbia (Howard County) Association is considering special swim times for Muslim women who are prohibited under Shariah (sometimes spelled Sharia) Law to swim in mixed company (see one of many explanations here of this religious dictate).   Make no mistake, even if it seems a little thing—to make this concession demonstrates “creeping” Shariah has crept in already. 

Just imagine for a minute the uproar if some of us wanted special bathing times for Christians and another time for Jews, and heck what about the Wiccans?  Or, LOL! for men?   Is the Columbia Association prepared to make those accommodations?

From the Baltimore Sun  (Hat tip:  Bernie):

When Shehlla Khan’s husband became ill, it fell on her to take their three children to the pool. But for Khan, who is Muslim, the task was difficult.

The Columbia resident said she was concerned about people watching her swim in the conservative, cover-all dress required by Islamic dress codes, and thinking: “What’s wrong? Why can’t you take it off?”

So Khan, 39, brought the issue up with members of her Dar Al-Taqwa mosque in Ellicott City. The mosque, along with members of a faith-based county group, People Acting Together in Howard,* met with the Columbia Association to create a twice-weekly, women-only swim time, a trial that is scheduled to be announced Tuesday.

The Columbia Association, which operates 23 pools in Howard, will join other communities that have made similar accommodations to create a more welcoming atmosphere for Muslims and other female swimmers.

Of course CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terror funding trial) thinks this is just the ticket.

“It’s a positive thing,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Not everyone has the same needs. It’s just expanding the level of interaction with the local community and recognizing that people are different. You’re bringing people into your system who would otherwise be uncomfortable.”

And, then we have dhimmi Anne Gould who is 59 years old and cheerleading for this special treatment.  Surely she is old enough to remember the outcry by the feminist movement to halt any “men only” clubs of any sort and she should know better then to demand special treatment for women now!   (By the way, I always thought that feminist goal—eliminating “men only” clubs—was stupid and that the women should just go start their “women only” clubs.)

Anne Gould, a 59-year-old Columbia resident who also supports the women-only swimming times, said, “There are times you want to be with just women.”

Leaving the creeping Shariah aside for a moment, since when is it the role of governments (or even quasi-governments like this association) to be worried about anyone who isn’t happy with their exposed body while swimming.   How about you (with ugly bodies) just find another pastime that allows you to participate fully clothed?

The Maryland Constitution

On a more serious note, don’t look for the Wiccans** to ask for special swim times.  The Constitution of Maryland forbids such special treatment for any religious group in Article 36.   If Muslim women wish to be treated separately outside of their homes, they always have the option of creating their own PRIVATE Muslim women’s fitness centers.  By the way, although there are no pools involved so far, Curves already maintains “women only” exercise facilities around the world.  Maybe they could ask Curves executive and newly elected Virginia delegate David Ramadan to build some Muslim women-only swimming pools.  He seems to have a lot of money to throw around.

I see the anti-jihad blogs are getting into this story big-time.  Here is Bare naked Islam on the subject.

* People Acting Together in Howard is affiliated with the Saul Alinsky-created Industrial Areas Foundation.  I wrote about the IAF here in conjunction with the instate tuition for illegal aliens bill.  PATH was a pusher of that bill.  Readers, these are hard Leftists.

**I’m not singling out Wiccans, but do you know why they wouldn’t be accommodated just as Christians and Jews wouldn’t get special swim hours—-they do not intimidate, bully and frighten Americans into accepting their “religious” dictates as the POLITICAL Islamists, like CAIR’s Hooper, does on a daily basis.



  1. This is stupidity on top of stupidity! First, these women have to be MORONS to want to go swimming in the FIRST place, wearing 20 yards of material. The answer to that is: DON’T GO SWIMMING YOU IDIOTS !!!! If I was a lifeguard at the pool, I would make them sign a waiver because if they started to drown, I sure as hell wouldn’t jump in to grapple with 10 pounds of clothing ! D U H !!!! Secondly, the Columbia Association is a PRIVATE entity. Therefore, they can and should tell Khan and her ilk to go pound sand. The irony here is that, given the disgusting toileting habits of Muslims, everyone else in Columbia ought to be up in arms against the Columbia Association for creating public health hazards at their 23 swimming pools !! Attention Muslims: Go build your own damn swimming pools so you don’t contaminate the rest of us who have clean health habits. And, the best place to build the pools? SOME OTHER COUNTRY !!!

  2. Two points: the Columbia Association is a private entity, so the Maryland Constitution provisions about religious discrimination do not apply. Second, CA is setting aside “women only” swim times, not “Muslim women only” swim times. It’s true that the “women only” swim times were instituted at the behest of local Muslims, and it’s true that it’s another example of Sharia creep, but we need to keep our facts straight.

    • Thanks for those points. Good luck to the citizens of Columbia as they open this can of worms. Please let us know when the men-only swim times have been set up…..

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