Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 16, 2011

Cain accuser from New Jersey won’t go public….

….she wants to protect her lobbying firm.

The Associated Press knows who she is (but won’t name her), she works for a prominent lobbying firm that has worked for Gov. Chris Christie (who has endorsed Mitt Romney) and her brother is a lawyer specializing in employment law.  Isn’t that interesting, seems all the accusers have political connections and friends or relatives in the lawsuit business, read all about it here.

Whether you like Cain or not, every one of you should be furious about the anonymous attacks and should be demanding that his detractors make themselves and their complaints public because whoever your candidate is, he or she will be next should they begin to approach Romney in the polls.   They (Republicans and Democrats) are doing a McCain on the public again!

Have you been called by a pollster? 

Never in my many decades as a registered voter has any pollster called me, how about you?   Don’t you wonder who they are calling?


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