Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 15, 2011

Frederick Co. MD officials want to make Frederick the least hospitable location in the state for illegal aliens

The Baltimore Sun on Sunday published a piece (reprinted in the Hagerstown Herald Mail) that I highly recommend all Marylanders read.  It is choke-full of all sorts of useful bits of information about the hot-button Illegal Alien issue in Maryland.

The article is built around statements from Frederick’s County Commission President Blaine Young’s assertion that he wants to make Frederick, “the most unfriendly county in the state of Maryland to illegal aliens.”  (of course if he should succeed it will put pressure on adjoining Washington County to enact similar measures, or face a flood of illegal immigrants flowing West across our border!).

Here are the opening paragraphs of Jessica Anderson’s article:

Blaine Young, president of Frederick County’s board of commissioners, has plans to make Frederick “the most unfriendly county in the state of Maryland to illegal aliens.” And while he said some localities might cringe at such a title, “we wear that with a badge of honor.”

County officials — motivated by a high-profile murder charge against an alleged illegal immigrant — are attempting to craft sweeping legislation to prohibit undocumented workers from getting jobs and renting homes. The move builds on Sheriff Charles A. “Chuck” Jenkins’ efforts in delivering nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants to federal authorizes for deportation in the past three years.

Debate over the measure is playing out amid political and legal battles over immigration crackdowns in Arizona and Alabama, and after several localities around the nation drew attention by writing their own legislation. The issue has proved controversial in Frederick, with opponents — including Young’s father, a state senator — questioning whether immigration concerns can be addressed effectively on a local level.

“We always have and always will need immigrants,” said Sen. Ronald N. Young, a Democrat. “We need to have immigration reform … [but] it ought to occur in Washington.”  [This is your standard Democrat’s cop-out to deflect responsibility and avoid having a position that could lose him/her votes—ed]

Blaine Young, a Republican, said he’s not going to wait for the nation’s leaders to make meaningful immigration reforms. “We are going to do everything legally possible,” he said. Though the county has no estimate of how many illegal immigrants live within its boundaries, proponents say even a dollar spent on providing them with services is too much.

Read it all.  Note that the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce supports e-verify while other Chambers of Commerce at the state and federal level have fought the implementation of the program.

St. Mary’s College professor Todd Eberly made this (LOL!) astute observation:

The issue of immigration “resonates with people.”  

…..a good lead-in to my next post about last night’s debate on instate tuition for illegal aliens held in Poolesville….resonating was happening!



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  2. […] Another critic, Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young, told this reporter that it was “another typical move by this liberal administration to spit in the face of the legal taxpaying citizens of this great country.”  Readers may recall that Frederick County has vowed to be the most unwelcoming county in the state for illegal immigrants, here. […]

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