Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 14, 2011

Some happenings this week: Dream Act debate, Hagerstown Tea Party and

Here are some calendar items for your attention this week:

***Don’t forget tonight is the Poolesville debate on the so-called Dream Act (instate tuition for illegal aliens) between Del. Pat McDonough and former Maryland Senator Patrick Hogan.    Maryland Juice is whooping it up to persuade its readers to attend, here.

***On Wednesday evening the Hagerstown Tea Party hosts Americans for Prosperity Maryland for a discussion on PlanMaryland:

Americans for Prosperity Maryland will be in Hagerstown to speak to the Hagerstown Tea Party about Plan Maryland on November 16th (7 p.m.) at Dimensions Restaurant, 132 Old National Pike, Hagerstown, MD.

Americans for Prosperity is crossing the state of MD to educate its citizens on what Plan Maryland is and discuss why property rights are essential to personal liberty. This plan allows a centralized unelected bureaucracy to make local decisions on planning and zoning and to decide what you can and cannot do on your own property without answering to you or your elected representatives by expanding the powers of the Governor’s Office based on legislation from 1974 that was never enacted until now! There will be speakers and a panel of local business owner/operators that may be affected by this plan to explain the details, discuss the consequences, and take questions.

***And, then thanks to a tip from Doug here is Soros’ pushing its “We are the 99 %” demonstrations in a town near you.  (Notice that they aren’t calling this Occupy ______)

On November 17, we’re declaring a national economic emergency. We’ll gather in front of bridges and schools to draw attention to the failed economy.


…..we’re working with SEIU, AFL-CIO, Occupy Wall Street, and other groups to organize hundreds of events for our “We Are The 99%” day on November 17.

Here is the closest “event” to where I live—it’s in Frederick, MD on November 17th.  It might be interesting to find an event near you and go have a look at who in your community is involved with the radical Left and union organizing.

Thursday, 17 Nov 2011, 12:00 PM We Are The 99% – 19 miles away
Patrick and Market Streets
29 registered participant(s) (400 maximum)
Patrick and Market streets
Frederick, MD 21701
Hosted by Jeannette Bartelt
Description Come let your banks and government know how you feel concerning our economic situation. Every public school in Frederick County has more then one portable with no plans to build additions. Our banks have decided that earning interest on our money isn’t enough they want more. Enough is enough!


  1. Maryland Juice doesn’t seem to have much juice in getting people to turn out. Darn few Progressives in evidence at Poolesville tonight.

    • Paul, I would love to have met you—I’ll write about it shortly! Indeed where is the juice?

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